Sexual Violence: A Global Pandemic/23rd to 29th June 2018

Safecity- Elsa D'Silva
Posted July 5, 2018 from India

Sexual violence is a global pandemic. One in three women experiences sexual or physical violence – most likely from their intimate partner, according to a report from the World Health Organization. There is an urgent need to increase sensitization regarding sexual violence and the awareness of consent and sexual violence amongst persons at large. In this series, we examine sexual violence and related issues that have come up in the news, on a weekly basis, published every Saturday. This is an attempt to improve awareness regarding incidents of sexual violence and related matters, so that we, as a society can take steps towards collective action to reduce its incidence. It is an effort to ensure that we acknowledge the rampant sexual violence that exists, lest we forget.




This issue looks at news from 23rd to 29th June 2018.




1) India ranked #1 among the nations most dangerous for women: UK survey


The Thomson Reuters Foundation surveyed 550 experts on the issues of women and found India to be the most dangerous country for women. Its first position is attributed to the following reasons: forced marriage, sexual slavery, sexual violence, forced labor, human trafficking for domestic work, physical abuse, acid attacks, and female genital mutilation. The survey reported the results to be coming as an impact of the #MeToo Movement as well as a 12 percent rise in the cases reported.




2) Case dismissal and Bystanders persuasion leads to victim’s suicide


A Chinese teenager, aged 19 years old, committed suicide, reacting to the dismissal of her sexual assault case and the provocation of the onlookers who encouraged her to jump off the eighth floor of a building. As per the police report, she was booed at by the bystanders, two of them arrested, and was subjected to verbal abuse through online posts. Earlier in September, 2016, she was sexually assaulted by a high school teacher, a sexual assault case which was cleared by the prosecutors despite her and her father’s repeated solicitation for help.




3) Massachusetts Governor’s son accused of sexual assault on flight


A woman aged 29-year old, accused the Massachusetts Governor’s son Andrew Baker for sexually assaulting her by groping her breasts on a JetBlue flight from Washington DC. She immediately reported the incident to the Massachusetts State police upon landing. The accused claimed to be sleeping during the entire flight. Finally, the Governor, Charlie Baker’s communications director has named it to be a personal matter of the family and readiness for further cooperation.




4) Attempting to end the virulent masculinity affected my career: Terry Crews


A 49-year old American actor and former football player, Terry Crews, initiated the end of toxic masculinity by narrating his experience of being a victim to sexual assault at the hands of a William Morris Endeavor agent and how raising a voice against it for it has cost him a movie. Although the agent was suspended and later demoted, the actor’s lawsuit against him faced dismissal and became the reason for the director of The Expendables 4 to not cast him for the movie.




5) Women Fight Back: Self Defence Training classes in Delhi


Led by the Delhi Police Department since the year 2002 and organized by Goonj, a Delhi-based NGO, are two-week self-defence training sessions to prepare women to fight. The demand for such classes has reportedly increased since the 2012 Delhi gang-rape case. The current session being conducted in a small South-Delhi apartment involves 45 female students, ranging from 28 to 50 years of age. As an act of defence, the students here learn how to effectively shout for help, inject power in arms, deliver a forceful punch, and break someone’s arm.

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Jafreen Alamgir
Jul 05, 2018
Jul 05, 2018

Quite informative. Thank you for sharing it. :)

Stephanie Mah
Jul 05, 2018
Jul 05, 2018

Thanks for sharing your story about sexual harassment wish is every were. we shuld expand the awenes so that men can stop harassing women.

Jul 06, 2018
Jul 06, 2018

Thanks Safecity for sharing this informative and educating piece.Nigeria Goverment had made a very strict laws against rape and sexual abuse cases,i hope this will be the same in other countries of the world to be able to put an end to this menace or reduce it to the barest minimum.

Ngala Nadege
Jul 08, 2018
Jul 08, 2018

Hello safecity ,thank you so much for sharing this information and creating this awareness on sexual harassment,GBV and domestic violence. The efforts so far to end this barbaric phenomenon globally has been encouraging .Another way to end this ,women have to speak out because that's the only to get help.I see cases of African women who find it normal to be rape every night by their husbands ,but cannot speak out of fear and culture. As an act of defence they really have "to break someone's arm"

Marieta Dimova
Jul 12, 2018
Jul 12, 2018

I am impressed by the self defence training classes - it is not bad to be organized such trainings in my country as well -BG

Jul 12, 2018
Jul 12, 2018

Thanks my dear fighting this ill is the only solution.

Ndimofor Aretas
Jul 25, 2018
Jul 25, 2018

Dear Safecity, thank you once more for sharing yet another very informative article. This article has really drawn my attention to the fact that sexual violence is really a pandemic and what is really interesting about it is that men are not exempt!
It is really high time for us all to take collective action. It really sickens me just thinking about it!
I agree that if it is left only in the hands of a few activists and organisations, very little is going to change.