Swedish Dads Indian Dads photo exhibition in Pune

Safecity- Elsa D'Silva
Posted February 25, 2019 from India

On 14th February 2019, the #SwedishDadsIndianDads photo exhibition was inauguration in Pune. The display is on the road itself open to the public along the Mumbai-Pune highway from Sandvik to Atlas Copco to Alfa Laval all Swedish companies.

The aim of the exhibition is to kick-start conversations on gender roles, biases, parental leave and gender equality.

The exhibition will be open from the 14th till the 24th of February, so do go and check it out with your friends, family and colleagues. The exhibition was followed by a panel discussion on “Unlocking the Keys to Gender Equality” moderated by our Founder Elsa Dsilva. Panelists included Ulrika Sundberg, Sara Larsson, Aafreen Siddiqui and representatives of Sandvik, Atlas Copco and AlfaLaval.

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Wow, I love this activity where gender roles, biases and equality are discussed among dads. Thank you for sharing, Elsa!

The exhibition was indeed a great conversation starter. If you get a chance, do see it.

Jill Langhus
Feb 26
Feb 26

Hi Elsa,

Thanks for sharing. This is certainly an interesting and innovative idea to start to change gender roles and to hopefully gain more gender equality.

Hope you're doing well, and having a good day.

Hi Jill,
The photo exhibition got so many people sharing their own parenting experiences and their wishes for more equality even in parenthood. It was wonderful! Hope you have a good day too.

Jill Langhus
Feb 27
Feb 27

Hi Elsa,

Ooo. That's sounds awesome. Good idea!

Yes, thank you!

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