India has a very low divorce rate. Is it always a ‘Happily Ever-after’?

Safecity- Elsa D'Silva
Posted March 12, 2019 from India

On 28th February, OoWomaniya @OoWomaniya conducted a tweetchat on ‘India has a very low divorce rate. Is it always a ‘Happily Ever-after’?’ which mainly focused on the low divorce rates in India and the possible reasons behind it.

The chat began by asking the question if it is actually good for India to have a low divorce rate? The audience responded that most of the statistics are misleading and that the statistics do not include women deserted by their husband, where the husband and wife are actually separated but are still legally tied for marriage. The most popular example would be our very own Prime Minister. Another point raised was that a low divorce rate is not necessarily an indicator of happy marriages; a large number of the marriages are still ongoing as result of forced “compromise” or societal pressure. The next important question was – what could be the possible reasons for a low divorce rate? The most highlighted reason was societal pressure. Apart from that, family pressure, insecurity regarding the children’s future, lack of support and knowledge regarding the procedures play a major role. This led to the question that why do Indian men and women hold on unhappy marriages? According to the audience, the reasons maybe financial dependency on spouse, lack of support from family and strong influence on building the image of a happy family irrespective of the actual situation. The discussion ended with asking the final question, how difficult is it for an individual to reboot their life after a failed marriage? Most of the audience felt it is very difficult for women especially with children to move on with their life. Practical problems like financial issues, lack of moral support from society and even their own family, feeling of shame of a failed marriage and many other issues continue to haunt them for most parts of their life.

A Tweetchat by OoWomaniya!

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Jill Langhus
Mar 12
Mar 12

Hi Elsa,

Thanks for sharing this important tweetchat synopsis. This sounds like it was a great discussion, and probably eye-opening for the attendees, too?

Hope you're doing well, and having a great week!?

Hello, Elsa,

This is a very interesting topic. Divorce is not legal in our country, so we do not know the statistics. But we have annulment and legal separation.

The points of your discussion why couple stay in an unhappy marriage is similar in our country.

Thank you for sharing this info!

Anita Shrestha

Thank you for your great work

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