Autism- a caregiver’s perspective

Safecity- Elsa D'Silva
Posted April 9, 2019 from India

On 5th April 2019, Safecity conducted a Tweetchat on “Autism – a caregiver’s perspective” with guests Jaki Matha @Mathugz and ADAT Foundation

The chat began by asking the audience about the things that are culturally said about Autism in Kenya. The audience responded by saying that popular beliefs include people believing that their children are cursed or possessed. These children are often looked down upon as a person with disability is viewed as not useful. In the Middle East, there are parents that are ashamed of their child’s disorder and often abandon them. There is also a lack of understanding of these disabilities among people, especially in rural areas. The audience later discussed about their reasons for being passionate towards inclusive education. The next topic of discussion was the theme for this year’s autism awareness which is Assistive Technologies Active Participation. 

ADAT foundation works with public schools to ensure that the infrastructure and resources are in support with autistic learners. They work solely with volunteers, and hence are always on the look out for more helping hands. Their event – Art for Autism will teach participants how to recycle for decorative art and make learning resources for autistic learners.


A tweetchat with Jaki!

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Jill Langhus
Apr 09, 2019
Apr 09, 2019

Hi Elsa,

Thanks for sharing this important tweetchat. It sounds like it went well. So, what did the audience think about autism and how it should be viewed and dealt with?

Corine Milano
Apr 11, 2019
Apr 11, 2019

Hi Elsa! I'm also interested in hearing how this chat went now that it's been held - it's an important topic, and one that I am glad is being brought up more and more globally.

Anita Shrestha
Oct 17, 2019
Oct 17, 2019

Thank u for sharing