Safecity- Elsa D'Silva
Posted April 23, 2019 from India



They treated her like garbage

Scratched her and threw her on street.

They touched every part of her ,

every part so violently that

It pains when she breathes.


But still her virginity is questioned

while she is struggling to survive

Her character and curves are doubted

When they made her more dead than alive.


“It hurts,” she said

With sinister pain and cries

And all she wants is

Justice before her eyes


They say its because of mini-skirt

That exposed her thighs

Then why does it happen

With a 5 year old child ?


Real men don’t rape

That’s what the society says

But where were those million voices

When that rapist escaped?


Just try to listen to her silence ,

she is screaming inside.

Don’t let the law become lawless

Don’t let justice be left behind!


~Jyoti Srivastav

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Jill Langhus
Apr 23
Apr 23

Hi Elsa,

Thanks for sharing this raw and powerful poem with us. I can really feel the pain and hurt from the author.

I hope you're doing well?!

Apr 28
Apr 28

Hi Elsa,
This poem reminds me of various incidence,
I hate people who justify that women raped based on how they dress, quite painful.
They tend to make the victims of the rape responsible for these disgusting act,but on the other hand it's true that men who rape women are cowards and fools.
Am so bitter because I was sexually assaulted five times when I was a child but I was lucky they never raped me, it only rung in my mind it was something bad when I was an adult,
I pray that these rape cases stop/reduce .

Jun 20
Jun 20

This is one act that takes away the woman's dignity. So sad a word. Thanks for sharing.