One Dead Dusk

Safecity- Elsa D'Silva
Posted April 30, 2019 from India

That was a beautiful evening

I could share my happiness with all,

Things seemed to be prettier

that moment when I halt…


A wave of thrills crisped me inside…

my soul lightened with craze!

Didn’t think I was going to learn of

The life of a bird in a cage…


My heart was brimming with fear of darkness

When I got things torn apart

But something came back again

there, maybe just to explore the dark.


My mind was filled with chunks

of doubts,

insecurities and disquiets,

though I made decisions to reach out and seek

the grinning truthfulness under the hides.


Imagination was the only assurance

at that moment,

and all that I had;

Still I was hoping for some better conclusions

and some reasons to be glad.


Finally, I stepped out

with fears and flame,

ready to encounter

whatever the future held in my name…


I got pulled into another world.

restraining, later then I realized…

It’s not even the territory I was scared of

but the staircase to my soul’s demise.


I saw the dark shadows

and unkind heathen trails,

my soul started running away from the moment

as my body couldn’t escape.


I stopped, I took a moment, I realized,

that I’ll never stop running from those shadows.

Nobody can see as they crawl under my skin;

The lonely soul, the hurling fear and my pure demise!


This poem is about the night I was groped and molested by a few drunk people where I was expecting nothing to harm me. I asked for help and there were other people around but nobody came up. I fought with all my strength and I managed to slip out because they were drunk otherwise my heart is scared to imagine what could have happened!

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Jill Langhus
Apr 30
Apr 30

Hi Elsa,

Thanks for sharing your gripping poem. I can definitely sense the tension and anticipation. I'm sorry this happened to you, but I'm glad you managed to get away and were safe.

I hope you're having a good day, dear.

Hello, Elsa,

I'm sorry you had to go through that. I hope you will never experience that again. Not you nor any woman in this world should be molested and disrespected. I'm happy you were brave enough to slip out. Thank you for sharing this poem. Hugs.

Anne Dupont
May 03
May 03

Dear Elsa,
Your poem was beautiful and captivating—out of a terrible experience, your soul created powerful imagery. I am so sorry this happened to you and pray for the day that the world is more enlightened, so that these horrible assaults stop. I pray that you find peace and the continued courage to speak out.
A big hug to you. . . .Anne

Tamarack Verrall
May 07
May 07

To you, dear Elsa and to all who know this poem in their bones,
This is the voice of so many, this is the terror we experience, this is the betrayal we know from those who do not stop forward to intervene. I can only celebrate your escape, your strength, your ability to turn horror into a powerful poem.
With love in sisterhood,

Jun 21
Jun 21

What an amazing poem. The words pierced the heart. Sorry if it was a personal application. It might have scared you and the same time made you stronger to speak out. Thanks for sharing. Take care