Learning to Deal with Workplace Harassment

Safecity- Elsa D'Silva
Posted July 25, 2019 from India

Does workplace sexism exist? Yes, it definitely does. The Heads of HR, Occupational Engagement, CSR and a member of an Internal Committee showed us real life examples of workplace harassment.

We conducted a workshop creating awareness about the Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (POSH) Act for Suzlon members heading CSR across the country, Occupational Engagement team, HR, Company Doctors and interns. The workshop was conducted by Tania Echaporia on 10th April 2019 at Suzlon One Earth, Pune.

With the aim of creating awareness about the POSH Act and how it translates in everyday work life, the workshop included topics like gender, biases and stereotypes, sexual harassment, sections of the Indian Penal Code, working of the Internal Committee, Consent and how all of it is interlinked. With the help of various games, activities, group discussions, role play and fun, we had team members of Suzlon from all over India thinking about safety, comfort and the workplace from a whole new light.

Many of the members shared experiences of gender biases they had seen, faced or heard of, while Jasmine shared her insights from being on the organisation’s Internal Committee. The day ended with aware, sensitized adults who aimed to make their own teams and workplaces safe for all and encouraged one another to share their stories.

You can check out more pictures of the workshop here.


*This blog was first published on Safecity.

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Beth Lacey
Jul 25
Jul 25

This is much needed workshop- this form of abuse exists everywhere

Jill Langhus
Jul 26
Jul 26

Great job, Elsa! Thanks for sharing this post and recent workshop. I hope you do more of these to spread even more awareness on this topic. I'm glad to see there are a lot of men present in this workshop, too, so more are aware what a big problem this is, and we can all work together to improve, and eradicate this problem.

Hope you're having a great Friday!

Jul 27
Jul 27

Well done and thanks for sharing. It's one of the hidden or shy away topic in our cultural set ups and I am very glad you are handling it. Great weekend to you

Hello, Elsa,

Yes, workplace sexism unfortunately still exists. Thanks for conducting a workshop for awareness. Thanks for sharing the link of the photos, too.

Congratulations for the success of this event!