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About Me

Strong women started her professional career with a passion to serve humanity in patriarchal society, where ordinary brain expects a woman to act as slave. Established In Search of Justice, a nonprofit organization; a passion and motivation for uplifting of community where she live, where she go. I believe, women have to play a vital role to educate and empower her community but she must follow the cultural values of the region where she works where she lives and most important where she belong. I do believe that women must come forward and work for the development of the country in any way. ISJ, a new established emerging organization, is a light to remove the darkness with honest and continuous efforts and empower the youth and women particularly. Discrimination on the basis of gender is totally irrational and baseless. No one can stop women to bringing peace and development in the region around.

My Vision

Empowering women/trans to fight against violence and Harassment.


We must come forward to raise voice against Violence, harassment, in-justice, exploitation through advocacy and empowering youth.


1. Leadership
2. Volunteerism
3. Entrepreneur
4. Human Right activist
5. Peace building through advocacy


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