Salma Malik

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About Me

I am a mere social activist who started my professional career as social activist in January 2013 with a passion to serve humanity in an entirely male doninated orthodox community to empower my women.
ISJ is not mere an organization but it is my passion ,vision and motivation to help the community in any way.
Although I am a modern young famine activist leading a welfare organization but have my personal opinion that we must work within the limitations of religious and cultural values.

In a male dominated society like ours , a woman can secure a good place in the society with honest and continuous efforts with a strong and determined visionary approach. I believe that men and women have the equal status in the society so discrimination on the basis of gender is totally irrational and baseless.

My Vision

My vision is to empower my women by supporting promoting them in every field.


I need support to save my women from violence and empower them financially through encouraging their skills.


I always worked to empower our women through skills, education and promoting their basic rights.


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