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Vilonce Against Women

Salma Malik
Posted November 7, 2017 from Pakistan
Expired on January 6, 2018
Violence Against Women (Teen Girl)
Say NO TO Violence against Teen Girls

In Search of Justice’ (ISJ) is a non-profitablewelfare organization. Currently ISJ is working on a project to stop violence against women after the shocking incident happened on 27 October, 2017 in Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan where a teenage girl was forced to walk naked through the village streets

According to our detailed survey, ten gunmen coerced a 14-year old girl to walk through the streets of the village with no clothes on at the behest of the influential people on account of family feud. The teenage girl of the rivals’ family was forced to walk naked while she was on way back home carrying water for daily use. After a detailed survey and meeting with the community, it came to our notice that this all happened due to lack of awareness programs about women rights. Women of these areas are suffering a lot due to this orthodox and irrational mentality.They are treating like animals from years. Therefore, our aim is to stop violence by educating the community

Get Involved

ISJ intends to aware people about the women rights so that we could stop this brutality from grass root level. ISJ is seriously thinking for a comprehensive training/ awareness program with the name “Train to Impact”. This can be only possible with the support of you people.

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