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About Me

I live my life in response to the deep ache I feel in my belly, the ache of women's innate feminine power being squashed in so many ways and swelling through the scars to arise again.

I grew up in California, born out of a teenage pregnancy from fertility ignorance and shame. My mother's demoralization and lack of self worth deeply impacted me and has motivated my passion for creating Womb Centered healing practices so all women can recognize, access, and activate the power of their feminine core.

I still struggle with the training and trauma I endured as a child that said my voice and contribution was worthless, even though I have worked hard to vitalize my feminine creative core and express my unique gifts. I would love to share my writings and healing practices here and receive support for my vision to share my unique approach to healing with the world.

My Vision

To help women to heal their relationship with their wombs, recognizing, accessing, and activating the power of their feminine core.


Help spreading the word about my healing work, connecting with opportunities to share about my work, and encouragement to shine


Helping them to remember to connect with their feminine creative core and move and create from a well nourished foundation.


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