single independent mother strives to succeed during covid-19

Samantha L Moss
Posted September 27, 2020 from United States

So, upon being a single mother of several years now to my loving smart daughter. I've sought to being a strong independent individual and at the same time expressing to my child that, at the same time it is okay ...not to be okay! We have been through so much together. And I myself before even having a child endeared so so much as a child to. No parents around.  Grandparents setting me on right and wrong. Raising 4 grandkids.  They are my true heroes ❤ ♥ . It is very hard though, when you are so behind on things, rent, utilities, other.  To not lose yourself during these hard times. Fear not! God is here. He has always been here. He will never stray afar. We pray nightly , try to at least .when unemployment doesn't pay you even half of what you made working, your behind in rent/mortgages, need food. Worried about utilities behind. Your child needs internet for school now days. Your rushing every day trying to make things perfect for them so their comfortable during this precedent time. Spending hours researching at home jobs, online jobs from home...contemplating even going back to your previous job, even though you were their for years ! Covid 19 has slightly ruined me. Or so, I thought.  No vehicle for years now , Spending 9 hours night in and night out , because you have to catch the local transit on time, and because of this you have to leave Earlier, it takes way longer. Making you gone 9 hours  V.S 6 and a half on a 6 hour shift if you had a car....Working nights   because thats the only shift available any where so you can get your child on and off the bus. And now , being use to nights for years ....and your kid now is home all day .  And in school again now. Shuffling to try and get use to sleeping at night again! Transitions from night shift to normal day....not easily manageable. Than, their is my mom...she did not raise me but I've tried being their for her over the years.  Having false hope like I'm still 5 and think mom is Coming back when she says she is. ! She never does. Things haven't changed. Its like I have another child. You only get one mom I know, but to me. My grandparents were my mom and dad. And..she keeps screwing me over. Taking my things..leaving every hour of the and out , in and out..up and down the stairs... just doesnt work. I repeat.. DOESN'T WORK! SHE HAS NOT HAD A JOB IN OVER 10+YEARS! . I've tried reconciliation with her. Nada...she will never change. Never ! She doesn't help with food.  Or bills. Or rent. In 3 going on 4 years.  She has helped me pay 2 utilities.  That is it. Their is so much more I could fill you all in on. But I'm going to keep the rest of the juicy things for another time. Yeah? Okay...upon finishing this up..ive expressed this to you all to bring something to light..w8th all this dealing with in life. I still have faith. I have not left my God. I know he is their. I am staying strong . And guiding my child to do the same. Never give up hope .  We are here. We are together. Everyone has their members who are the problem. Financial stability issues as a single parent or couple, grieving a loss , relationship troubles. Whatever it may be , we are here ! I am still here. Keeping it going. Stay informed .Stay motivated. Stay smiling. Through thick and thin. Your strength lies within-- Samantha ❣

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Sep 28
Sep 28

It is good to read this story.Being a grand mother is a blessing from the creation and must be happy

Dawn Arteaga
Sep 28
Sep 28

What beautiful advice, Samantha. Thank you for sharing this inspiration. It sounds like you have endured so much even before COVID hit and you are still standing strong. Stick with it, and keep sharing your stories. The world needs your voice! We are listening!

Nini Mappo
Sep 29
Sep 29

Hello Samantha,
Welcome to World Pulse. Your story is beautiful and heart-breaking at the same time, because in spite of your innumerable trials, you've held on to hope, to faith, to dreams that you have for your child as a loving mum, and such positivity in the face of great adversity. Now, through Covid-19's upheaval of life, and also the life-long abandonment by your mum.
Your out look and attitude in life is truly inspiring, and I pray that God's faithfulness continue to sustain you through these uncertainties.
Thank you, for inviting us into your life, and letting it encourage us too.
Sending love and prayers and blessings:)

Samantha L Moss
Sep 29
Sep 29

I need to hear things like your responses. It makes me feel I am doing right by myself and my daughter.

Sep 30
Sep 30

"Whatever it may be , we are here ! I am still here. Keeping it going. Stay informed .Stay motivated. Stay smiling. Through thick and thin. Your strength lies within- Samantha"! That's super cool. You are strong and powerful. Sis! Thank you for exuding love even when it was so difficult to. Yes, we are stronger together.

Wow! You've sure passed through tough times, but these times don't last...only tough people do. Sorry about your Mum and others who ought to have helped. Your faith and divine trust is awesome, as only Him can truly help.

Meanwhile, welcome home to the sisterhood! This is where you truly belong and congratulations on your first post. We would love to read more from you. Stay super blessed and take care.

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Hello, Samantha,

Welcome to World Pulse! I'm glad that a new voice from the US is rising up.

I'm writing this message with tears in my eyes. It's because you're going through so much during this pandemic, not just as a mother to your daughter, but trying to be a mother to a mom who wasn't there for you. That takes a lot of strength. And despite all of this, when other people who had done so, you still say, " I have not left my God. I know He is there."

Yes, dear, He is there. He has not left you as well. His Grace sustains you everyday. I know so. My story might be different from yours, but He hasn't left me, and He is my First Encourager through it all.

I understand what it likes to have a mother who we need to take care of, but hasn't shown love the way we expect mothers to be. This is my story:

Stay strong, my dear sister. He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. Amen. Thank you for being brave to share your story. Looking forward to reading more.

Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!