Samantha Triffitt. Clothing Your Way.

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About Me

I am a mother of 3 children under 15. I set up my business 12 months ago alongside my husband so that we could provide a better future for our children.

I enjoy running, socialising and meeting new people (not all at the same time)...

I am happy to help other women from all walks of life with advice both professionally and on a personal level.

My business now trades on over 8 countries world wide and i am looking to make new business contacts all over the globe. Our company specialises in personalised and branded clothing, work wear, accessories and merchandise. We also have a large range of personalisable Christmas gifts on platforms such as Etsy and Folksy.

My Vision

I ant to see women all over the world uniting and empowering each other. Working together to raise our children and build a better future for them. Teaching our daughters that you can succeed in anything as long as you believe in yourself.


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