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I find that it is incredibly difficult to write "About Me" sections, there is so much more to a person than what can be written in a paragraph. I suppose I'll start with a few "fun facts"! I was born and raised in Portland, OR to the most wonderful Mother that ever existed, she is the driving force behind me in everything that I do. I am the youngest of four, with three older brothers, Billy, Joshua, and Lonny- all of whom are your typical older brothers, we fight, laugh, and always have each others back when push comes to shove. Though my name is Samantha, my brothers call me "nerd", it's almost a term of endearment...I hope!
I developed a passion for human rights when I was around 10 years old and I chose to transfer to an Arts and Letter school, and I have yet to look back. I am currently studying as many cultures and I can get my eyes on through the medium of Art History, while continuing my interest in Women's Studies with a minor in Gender Studies at the University of Oregon. In an ideal world, I hope to work with Teach for America after I graduate and then Teach for The World and have the opportunity to work with youths all over the world to teach history and tolerance through the arts.
Like, I said before, people are always more than they can put into words, but for now, I think that that will serve as an introduction to my life as it is today. Adding sparkle to each and everyday, working with children, supporting my family, fashion Learning that not all actions result in success, and that learning from failure is part of the process Public Speaking, Organization, Visual Presentation, French,

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