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About Me

My name is Samia Al sayed

CEO & Founder of Sinnaraty Women's Group,Damascus-Syria

I first completed Electronic engineer study at Damascus University in 1991 with French as a second language .After University I studied English and got English diploma.

As a result , Fluent English language , strong Computer,Networking and Communication skills, high potential of determination and passion all of these tools open the doors in front of me and make me a : Super Leadership Woman

Concerning my physical disability I am interested in social activities and in women’ issues .I dedicate myself to increase their rights’ awareness and financial empowerment. I am the CEO & Founder of Sinnaraty women's group in Syria and a Volunteer with Ahfad Ishtaar association.

I honestly been chosen to be the trade+impact Country IMPACT Ambassador for Syria. Trade+Impact (T&I) is a ground-breaking platform for building trade, investment and skills development to increase the impact of women-led social enterprises in their communities and beyond.

I am also the IT Manager & PMP (Project Manager & procurment ) of a private real estate development company called BAHOLDING s.a.l ,which is interested in building suistainable houses and has a big concern beyond the environment.

I am also a Vital Voices Fellow which mission is to identify, invest in and bring visibility to extraordinary women around the world by unleashing their leadership potential to transform lives and accelerate peace and prosperity in their communities. To have been chosen to be a VVLead Fellow is an accomplishment in itself.

This is me in brief.

My Vision

As a woman with special needs (Polio in my legs) ,i am so interested in improving the situation of women especially challenged & poor ones. So I try to Increase their rights awareness and help them to become economically empowered.

Nothing for us without us, As women we need to drive our lives by ourselves. I speak loudly to let the whole society listen to us. I feel proud that i am a woman & my physical challenge situation didn't make any barriers .I live my life with Love and passion.

I am proud to be an IT engineer & i work into a big hospital in Damascus as PACS Administrator .I have a leadership personality & i lead by example.

My force dreams are:

Become a challenged Syrian woman ambassador ,
Be the voice of all vulnerable women by using the Social media & through legal instances,
Change the lives of marginalized ,challenged Syrian ,Arabs girls & women,
Driving a plane across all over the world to rise awarness toword women issues.


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