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Samia Al sayed
Posted January 26, 2016 from Syrian Arab Republic
Syria Made Accessery by Sinnaraty
Syria Towels & basket by Sinnaraty
Syria Towels & basket by Sinnaraty (1/1)

My name is Samia Al sayed I first completed Electronic engineer study at Damascus University in 1991 with French as a second language .After University I studied English and got English diploma. I work as PMP & IT Engineer in a private real estate development company BAHOLDING s.a.l interested in environmental houses and concern for the environment.

I grow up in a family consist of 3 girls and 2 boys .My fother was my great mentor in life.

Concerning my physical disability I am interested in social activities and in

women’ issues to increase their rights’ awareness and financial empowerment. I am the

CEO & Founder of Sinnaraty women's group in Syria(

I am so proud that i have been chosen to be a VVLEAD 2015 fellow by attending

Leadership and Mentoring online course and recently i got my Certeficate of completion.

The big challenge that I'm facing in my community nowadays is the crisis that Syria live under since 2011where people are living under terrorism every day in Syria, trying to survive and find a meaning for why all this is happening to us. .Most men decided to leave the country and women must now take their roles to make the lives go on.

i am so interested in improving the situation of women especially challenged & poor ones. So I try to Increase their rights awareness and help them to become economically empowered.

I started Sinnaraty women group in Nov 2012 ,which is a small local business enterprise for women in Damascus & the countryside. At the beginning we made courses to integrate them into society like: emotional intelligent , time management and leadership, self-reliance and benefiting of local resources. We tried then to start making money by doing joint ventures to raise the financial level of these women by the idea of training them: knitting wool , crocheting, sewing and all works of art that do not need a lot of money in the beginning .We attended in local bazaars and tried internet Marketing.

As an IT Engineer i hope to use technology to start new opportunity in my community like online learning ,working & even writing to make the whole planet hear our voices.i need knowledge ,marketing skills,fund to continue successfully my works.

Challenges would always be a welcome to me. I would travel the continents carrying the flag of my country Syria and the pride of the Arab culture, to all the new territories I would seek out for business and investment opportunities and become a challenged Syrian woman ambassador and to be the voices of all challenged ,marginalized women by using the media & through legal instances.

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Jan 27, 2016
Jan 27, 2016

Dear Samia, Thank you for your journal. It's good that you really like your home county and began your business at your favorite home country. I hope you will go well, so do your best from now on!

Thank you.