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Samia Al sayed
Posted January 26, 2016 from Syrian Arab Republic

My big dream is to see my lovely Syria cured from the trouble it lives under and that all people come back to their homes to rebuild their cities in a newly modern green way.

I hope to see women play huge roles into community and lift the motto " Nothing for us with out us especially challenged and margenalised ones.

I suppose i have leadership & team management skills with passion on using high technology to ease the lives of people especially challenged ones.I am trying first to emprove my knowledge then transpher it to the team i am working with and I have a good effect in my community.In my Face book page i reached now 850 fellows and i am proud of that.

The places in my community which inspire me are the internet as virtual communuity.The hospital where i excell my career in & my social works i do with freind to help others .

My father was a big support during my life but i always ask for advice from some VVLEAD mentees especially Teina Mackenzie & from my lovely photographer Paola Gianturco.they inspire me and the have huge deep life experience.

I always work with love and passionate to help others .My voice is loud enough to change the bad sircumstances we face as women.I have a good networking and computer knowledge that can help me to faster my steps and market myself well.

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Samia Al sayed
Jan 26, 2016
Jan 26, 2016