Raped and Shut

Samia Dowla
Posted May 27, 2015 from Bangladesh
Raped and Shut

A girl was raped in a vehicle by five men few days back. When she went to the police station near her, she was asked to go to another police station. Poor girl had to go to three police stations before she could finally complain.

I decided to write about this incident today because some of the issues in this incident are new to me. Let’s start with the points I’m used to hear and already feel okay with.

1. The woman was raped- Yah, yah what’s new with it. Almost every day I hear or read news on women being abused.

2. The first police station didn’t take her complaint- Yah!!! I mean of course. Silly girl, you should have remembered the rules of complaining. Though, you were being raped in a vehicle, which traveled almost half of the city while you were being abused, you had to choose/ know the right police station. How come the police officer will understand, under which area the rape was being done? So you had to roam around in that state. Your fault!

3. No protection was given to the girl- Have to remember, what we are talking about. Your parents were with you!!!! What would have been the use of a police protection? It’s all the same... right? Having your parents by your side and police protection?? All the same! And you know what, you should be thankful to God that the police didn’t abuse you more.

Very normal incidents, at least to me!!

Now, let’s talk about the points which made me think, which made me vulnerable!

1. Five men?? How low God’s creatures can get? A physical relationship can be a very beautiful thing when it’s done out of love. But this? What was it? Revenge? A nasty desire fulfillment? How disgusting could these men be?

2. Copying the incident of India! When I read the news I felt like, they were just copying the Delhi incident. This is rubbish! What are we getting in to?

3. The only positive thing in all these is the girl’s courage. I was truly amazed. She and her family had the courage to speak out. They didn’t hide the fact, instead they wanted justice. You rock girl!!

The wound she has may heal but the scar will always be there. But, I know the girl is a fighter and I just hope the girl be able to heal. I want you to know lady; I respect you for whatever you are. And you should respect yourself too. Because you are worth of it!

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Agnes Igoye
Jun 15, 2015
Jun 15, 2015

Dear Samswork,

Thank you for being a voice to the voiceless. This story serves yet again as an example of the so many cases of rape, many of which go un reported. Just like you, I salute the girls courage for reporting and not giving up evidenced in her search for justice in various police stations. Its only through speaking up that we send a strong message that rape is unacceptable and perpetrators of this heinous crime must be found and purnished to the fullest extent of the law.

Thanks for sharing.