#BudapestConventionMx Dignity for Mexican Women & Children Online #SheTransformsTech

Sandra Muñoz
Posted May 30, 2020 from Mexico

Dear World Pulse Community:

On March 6th, 2012, the European Commission invited Mexico to ratify the Budapest Convention against Cyber crime.

This Convention assists countries providing a legal framework & investigation methodologies for different cyber crimes, making an emphasis on child pornography & the need for international collaboration in the resolution of such crimes. This legal framework would also assist in cases of gender-based violence in the digital space as well: we are made aware of cases nation-wide, 24x7 & some cases involve hundreds of women as well as teenagers & girls. Be it broadcast of intimate content without consent, virtual trafficking, sextorsion/extorsion, online harrassment.

The Octopus Conference held in France the same year, gathered 280 experts from 80 countries, 15 organizations & international initiatives & 30 participants in the private & academic sectors, to improve cooperation against cyber crime at all levels. The main objective of this conference was to show the importance & transcendence of this Convention. After the Octopus Conference, the European Commission asked Mexico again to ratify the Convention, requesting as well that the national legislation on this regard started out because the situation then - and now- "creates difficulties for effective international cooperation".

According to the U.N, Mexico ranks as the first place in the world in child pornography distribution, and the second place in production, a situation that affects more than 800,000 children in the country. 

As for the treatment of women online, part of our collective efforts with activist Olimpia Coral Melo & as a consequence of a tireless national network of women from all backgrounds, we have made cyber crime such as Broadcast of Intimate Content without Consent (what society knows as 'revenge porn') a topic of national interest, and it has been recognized as a crime in 20 of the 31 States in Mexico. This work will continue, but none of the cases so far has been prosecuted favorably, due to the lack of methodologies & agreements provided by this Convention.

In Mexico, total impunity of cyber crime is part of the structural violence (defined as the systematic ways in which a regime prevents individuals from achieving their full potential, according to Johan Galtung) rampant in Mexico & increasing due to the CVD-19 pandemic.

I am starting the campaign #BudapestConventionMx influencing key activists in the women's movement & players, such as cyber security & investigation experts, in order to facilitate access to justice & the prevention of violence online against the most vulnerable.  For this campaign, we will also need international support, as in my experience several organized groups have the protection of the State. We need international visibility.

Some of my peers have expressed that there are no conditions for such thing given the lack of response of the Executive orders - to that we answer, if there are no conditions, we have to create them.


B.Sc. Sandra Muñoz Specialist in Cybersecurity Technologies

CISO/Project Director of the Mexican Association against Cyber Crime

National Front for Sorority / Digital Defenders 

Non-Violence studies at the School of Authentic Journalism

60 Most talented women in Mexico - Women in Evolution forum


PHOTO CREDIT: Hazel Zamora

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Tamarack Verrall
May 31
May 31

Hi Sandra,
This is such important news. Knowing your success by letting more know, we keep working with each other, supporting and spreading the news. Your campaign to work with others to end this violence is just what is needed. What success that you have got this to the public. There is no excuse for the inaction of police and courts. Big congrats on the organizing work #BudapestConventionMx. The photos show how powerfully online bullying is being protested. It is time for us to link arms as strongly as possible. So important to gain knowledge of all you are doing there and to make each others' work known.
Do you want us to take this post to social media for support? This group https://everywoman.org may be of interest to you.
A big welcome to World Pulse.

In sisterhood,

Jill Langhus
Jun 01
Jun 01

Hello Sandra,

Welcome to World Pulse! Wow! You, Olimpia, and your network are doing a great job! Congrats! And, congrats on your campaign, too! I hope you get the momentum and visibility that you need to make it go viral soon. I'm looking forward to seeing an update on it. I'd be more than happy to share on my social channels. Good luck!

Ellie E.
Jun 01
Jun 01

Thank you for sharing!

Anita Shrestha
Jun 02
Jun 02

Thank you for sharing

Hello, Sandra,

Welcome to World Pulse! What a joy to know a new voice from Mexico is rising up.

Thank you for sharing this important news with us. We stand with you in your campaign. Please keep on updating is here. Your work is important. Our country has high cases of child pornograpy. We could learn from your activities.

Keep it up, dear. Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!

Tola Makinde
Jun 05
Jun 05

Hello Sandra,

Welcome to WorldPulse. Your determination will carry you far. Welldone

Laetitia Shindano
Jun 06
Jun 06

Merci Sandra pour ce partage très enrichissante pour moi.

Bienvenue et à la prochaine.


Jun 07
Jun 07

Thank you for sharing.
Much love .

Sumaira Rajput
Jun 08
Jun 08

wonderful write up bravo! Read my first story also waiting of your response

Chinyere Kalu
Jun 13
Jun 13

Hello Sandra well done! The path you are trading seem a lonely one but do not give up.Keep at what you are doing and sooner than you think, you will begin to see the impact. You are not alone, always remember that.

Jun 15
Jun 15

Hi Sandra, you are doing a great job.