Women should work before getting married

Posted July 12, 2020 from Cameroon

Hello sisters

Im so happy to be here again by the grace of  God. thanks for all your support.now i know that i Can count on YouTube as a Real family.as i already said here i got married before getting a job ans since that Time my life has been very difficult. im doing training After training since but not yet settle down with a job. im a minister toe children un Church and i m encouraging them to go to school and get a job before getting married.i don't want another victim.i will continue to fight for that case because we have to value ourselve and ne independant. I went back to school and got a Bachelor degree. I have another free course online in september in management.my sisters im trying my best but it is not easy with children and without a job.please pray for me. Im so despire at this moment because im struggle and struggle. I put all my document in entreprise no call.i did traing making liquid soap, tie dye.my sister that s why i need a job to open a shop on my own.please pray for me.i need your prayers because i feel like i will give up. Im strong for the sake of my children.but feel like given up.since ten years im struggle.

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Tamarack Verrall
Jul 12
Jul 12

Dear Sandye,
You have been through so much, and accomplished so much. I so agree with you that all women should have access to paid work, and hopefully some experience before marrying. You know how important from what you have experienced. Girls and women have so many barriers, as our societies still depend on so much free labour from women. Keep going sister, the path you are making for yourself is strong, and I hope you find work and/or are able to create your own business soon. Congratulations on your Bachelor degree! So many doors are still unfairly closed to us, but your plan to own your own shop is such a good one. You are here now with a sisterhood that believes in you.

Hello, Sandye,

You are right that women should be financially independent before getting married.

You are so brave, dear sister, to strive hard for your children. You are a brilliant woman. You hold a degree and possess business skills. I believe in you.

May doors of opportunities coupled with God's favor be upon you. Please keep us updated.

Beth Lacey
Jul 15
Jul 15

Please don't give up. We are all praying for you.

Jul 23
Jul 23

Thank you for sharing .