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About Me

I live in India - Mumbai City. My name is sanjay dixit.
I work in an IT firm here in this city and I do computer
programming in SAP's ABAP computer language.

Mumbai is really a huge city; the commercial capital
of India. Life is hectic and fast paced here. In this part
of the world the temperature is warm and during summer
seasons it quite hot. This city is situated besides the
Arabian Sea.

I have two sisters. One sister is a computer programmer
and the other one is a scientist.

Life is moderately enjoyable over here. We have a good time
over here along with whatever hardships life has to offer to us.

From my experience in life, I felt that human life can be
significantly, and in fact, much better than what it is today,
and the condition of our planet much better than what it is
today, if we live our life consistent with the natural world.
And had we done that from before, definitely many of the
current world multi-dimensional and complex problems
would not have existed. I also suggested that all nations
to gather, in unison, should celebrate Planet Earth Day and on this
day ascertain whether we have preserved the immaculate
beauty and charm of our planet, or continued to neglect
and only exploit our planet, as we have been doing since
a very long time. It is important that we should not only
be taking, and just taking, from our Planet, and not giving
her due share of health and natural state, which truly
belongs to her; that we have no right to carelessly ruin
because then we do the same to ourselves and ruin
our lives also.

A better and healthier earth means a better and healthier
life for all humans and other life forms.

Let us see a smile on the face our planet.! ! ! !.
A planet that is truly ours.

As accordingly, would like to dedicate the Advanced
Civilization Philosophy to Mother Planet Earth and
Woman from whom the world comes into existence..

Planet Earth and her best state How to improve and mantain Planet Earth's best condition

My Vision

All the current global problems are resolved through reason and justice