I am nothing for .....

Posted June 5, 2021 from India

This is not a story ,its real fact which i am always Thinking & facing....we do everything for Our family ,Husband. we compromise & sacrifice our Dream only for our Families...but one day realize ..what are i was doing for our families  it was not important for them...they never care about my life what i have lost for  them...what changed in my life only for those......why people always blaming....why they can't see...what i have lost for them...what changes came to my life....one day i saw into mirrior. ..i surprise is it me.....how changed in my face...where my smile gone...where i missed my friends....where is my life...what i wanted...then still i am thinking...no problem i sacrifices for those people who loved me a lot...but just think if they say....go away from life...you have not done anything for us....then what you feel.....

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Jun 05
Jun 05

You come first. Never forget that.

Nini Mappo
Jun 05
Jun 05

Dear Sapnad,
Oh, but you are something. You are glowing with life and a beautiful smile. You gave life and continue to nurture that life with the sacrifice that you speak of; the sacrifice that your family does not seem to recognize. But that doesn't make it, or you, any less than you truly are.

I know how you feel; as a mother and a wife, I know when my family appreciates what I do for them, it helps with how I perceive my self. So you do have very valid points to raise.
But you know, I also believe that we are not something because others notice it. We are something because we believe it, even when others can't see us, or what we have accomplished. This is the something or someone we can be even in a different setting, away from our family, our job.

So who is that person, dear Sapnar? And where is she? If she is not looking back at you in the mirror,
You may have lost her in dirty dishes and parathas, in laundry baskets and curries, and in late night arguments.
You may have lost her in self doubt, or self pity, or loneliness. But she is still there, the strong, giving, resourceful, self-aware woman whose life makes others live.

So maybe it is time to don your best sari, put on some make-up, sprinkle some sass, smile at that woman in the mirror and step out on a date with yourself to find you.
And when you do, please tell us about it so that we can celebrate with you!

Sending you love and hugs :)

Susu Mohamed
Jun 06
Jun 06

Dear Sapnab,
Sister "Come on, you have a value"
Much love

Jun 06
Jun 06

Please don't be desperate. You can consider to put some priority in your schedule for your personal tasks, social life and some 'me' time. It is often for us to put the priority to our family. We are busy and playing multiple roles, e.g. wife, mother, daughter, and a working women, etc. I understand our schedule is pack. We still need to put in some time for ourselves.
May Almighty God bless you! Don't let the frustration to put you down!

Beth Lacey
Jun 10
Jun 10

You matter, you are important, you are more than enough

Jul 13
Jul 13

Hi dear.
Your story is the reality of what most of us women go through. Sacrificing for our love ones is good but being happy and sacrificing for ourselves is best.
Because we need love to give love and the best person who can love you is you.
When next you look at yourself in the mirror tell the woman you see what you love and want her to be and get started on it.
Be HAPPY. We love you. God Bless you