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About Me

I hail from Swat Valley which once remained under the strong hold of the Taliban.
Working in rural areas of Pakistan by challenging the patriarchy is not so simple and easy. I work to protect and advocate for the rights of girls and women in Malakand Division, engaging with both men and women.I saw and learned that women are not even allowed to make decisions about their own bodies, how can women be empowered in a society where discrimination against women is common. If women cannot make a decision about their own bodies, how can they make decisions in their communities or families?
I believe that being a part of world pulse it is very important to collaborate, coordinate and learn from each other experiences and work together for Global Peace, build linkages, sharing the same belief of peace and tolerance.

My Vision

Aim to uplift the marginalized women and girls in the tribal areas of Pakistan by empowering them.


More and more informative and beneficial linkages, contributions from community development, social sector contribution,


Greater awareness about national and international movements about SDGs, humanrights and public diplomacy.


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