HANG THE RAPIST : Horror and outrage in Pakistan as mother ‘gang-raped’ in front of children on highway .

Sara amjad
Posted September 11, 2020 from Pakistan

Lahore motorway Pakistan, A mother of two kids on road side in car was allegedly gang raped. This incident occurred 2 days ago when the victim was travelling on motorway from Lahore to Gujranwala near gujarpura her car stopped due to running out of petrol. According to the victim as her car stopped she called motorway police for help, meanwhile two men came having sticks and guns with them, they broke the windows of the car and drag the victim along with her kids to nearby place and raped her in front of her kids, they also severely beat the woman and her children this is sheer brutality. Here the question arises as to what the motorway police were doing? When the victim called them why they were not available? Who is responsible for acts like these on motorway? Many people are saying that the petrol in the car should have been checked, so what if a car breaks down for any other reason , there could be any reason then what will you say? What will be your criticism then? Many others are saying that she should have travelled on GT road instead of the motorway and why she was travelling without a man? So what is the guarantee that GT road is safe and if a woman drive alone on GT road no one will touch her is their any rule or law like this? And one thing more is motorway built for men only? I have been watching and listening to all this since yesterday what nonsense, do you have any idea about this mother and her children infect the whole family what conditions are they going through? Is humanity completely extinct in this society? Neither children nor young people are safe here not even we can raise our voices about these animals. The guards go around with the rich, but who will protect the poor? It could all happen to us tomorrow, even we are not safe at our home, workplace, markets while travelling is this what a democratic and Islamic country means? According to a study carried out by Human rights watch there is a rape once every two hours, and a gang rape every hour this is just because the rapist are free to move to live to rape . This id a shame for a Muslim country. Should we keep our women and young girls in cages, because of these rapists? Or punish these animals so harshly and dreadfully that their next generations will remember. This is not the first case every day we are watching and listening these types of news on our televisions but their is also world outside this television too. Thousands of cases are happening everyday and we are not even aware of them. We should raise our voice for these oppressed people, who are going through all these. Where is the laws of our country? Where is the section 375 of Pakistan Penal code 1860? Who is this laws made for if no one is getting justice? We need justice they should be hanged openly in front of public this time so that more and more people can learn from this punishment and believe me that when such punishment are given, oppression will end automatically. If we study rape punishments of different countries, it does not seem that we are living in a Muslim country. The punishment for rape in Saudi Arabia is public beheading the rapist, in Afghanistan they shot the rapist in head or hang to death, in Egypt the punishment is death by hanging, in Iran too the punishment is death by hanging, in North Korea they shot the rapist. Like MUKHTARAN BIBI (survivor of gang rape and women rights activist) once again we should raise our voice and repeat her actions to seek justice.

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Nini Mappo
Sep 12, 2020
Sep 12, 2020

Dear Sarah,
That is shocking and ghastly experience for that mother. My heart goes out to her. It doesn't matter what scenario people come up with that could have prevented the rape, the bottom line is she should have been safe on the road. It is not the soundness of her car to keep her safe, but the soundness of the society in which she lives.

I am however not too sure about hanging the rapists. They will hang these ones and they will not be the last. Punitive justice does not rehabilitate the offender or create safer communities. It will send a strong message, yes, but rape will still occur in spite of that strong message. Punitive justice also blinds governments from doing enough in preventative measures, because there is this lie that a death by hanging threat is enough deterrent. But we know it is not, because it does not stop rape.

Of course it's easier to shoot the sex offenders than to address the social problems that lead to rise in sexual assult in the first place. But I find that countries that focus more on what can be done before sexual assaults rather than after, have better outcomes in mitigation.
I know that you are angry. I am angry. We cry for justice for this woman, but should we not cry for justice for all the future victims of sexual assaults if governments do not focus on stopping them before they happen?
Sending love and sparkles as you wrestle with this ugly atrocity in your country, dear Sarah :)

By the way, do you create your own images?

Beth Lacey
Sep 14, 2020
Sep 14, 2020

This cannot be excused for any reason. All women should feel safe and secure at all times

Sep 15, 2020
Sep 15, 2020

Hi Sara,
Thank you for raising your voice. This is appalling to say the least. So unfair and gruesome. I feel for the kids, I feel for their mother. In this age and time? Really sad and traumatic. Rape is simply not excusable under any circumstance.

I know your are angry and deeply hurt. We all should be. I hope we keep raising our voices to enable this crises of rape abate, giving way for a far better world, Sis-amen.

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Sep 17, 2020
Sep 17, 2020

Thank you for sharing.

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Sep 21, 2020
Sep 21, 2020

Hello, Sarah,

Oh my, news like this made me mad. I don't really know how to end this rape culture. I hope it ends now.

Paulina Nayra
Jan 01
Jan 01

Dear Sara,
My heart bleeds for the victims, mother and her children and the Pakistani women and children who are helpless against these animals. Like you, I am also angry - at the system that perpetuates this behaviour . The victim blaming is unforgiveable even if those perspectives are a product of religion. While I am angry, I am also against capital punishment. In societies where justice is expensive, those who are poor will not have access to good lawyers and the courts. And the rich will get away with their crimes by bribing their way to freedom. Comprehensive and full support should be provided to the victims. And the perpetrators should rot in jail.