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About Me

Sarah Diehl is a filmmaker, journalist and writer from Berlin, Germany.

BA in Museology, MA in African Studies and Gender Studies.

I am researching about Reproductive Rights for many years and give lectures and readings around that topic throughout the world.
My special interest is the topic of abortion, reproductive rights and African Women's literature.
I published two anthologies in Germany:
Brüste Kriegen (Getting Breasts), Verbrecher Verlag, 2004 and
Deproduktion – Schwangerschaftsabbruch im internationalen Kontext (Deproduktion – Abortion in an international context), Alibri Verlag, 2007
and co-edited several anthologies in a continuous collaboration with Verbrecher Verlag, Berlin.
Furthermore my short stories and journalistic and scientific essays were published in several anthologies and other publications.

In 2008 I made my first documentary film Abortion Democracy: Poland/South Africa which explores and contrasts changes in Poland and South Africa regarding abortion laws and their impact on the lives of women.
In the 90's, Poland banned abortion due to the increasing influence of the Catholic Church after the fall of communism; around the same time South Africa legalized it, reforming the health system after the fall of apartheid.
The film aims to emphasize the need for safe abortions and liberal abortion laws. It also, however, illustrates the paradox that the implementation of such laws may have little effect on the accessibility of abortion services.

I am currently working on my second documentary film "Pregnant Journeys"
about women in Europe, Africa and Latin America who have to travel long-distance in
order to get a legal and safe abortion and the women who can't afford that.
Contact me if you want to join me in that project as a researcher, technician or distributor.

I am looking for cooperation to screen my films worldwide and translate the Anthology "Deproduction - Abortion in an international context" into english for educational purposes.

I am also starting a campaign bringing Irish and Polish women together in their fight to legalize abortion in all EU countries.

On our blog you can find information about changes and challenges in international reproductive rights. filming, writing, discussing challenging hipocrisy International reproductive rights and African Women's literature

My Vision

free access to safe abortion and reproductive health care worldwide