#HerEarth Photo Challenge (Day 2) - Arizona, USA

Sarah Murali
Posted April 7, 2016 from United States

This picture is from the Sonoran Desert in the state of Arizona, USA. It's a saguaro cactus. A saguaro cactus can grow between 40 and 60 feet tall! It is the largest cactus in the US, and a full grown plant, when fully hydrated, can weigh more than 4,000 pounds (more than 1,800 kilos)!

The Sonoran Desert is struggling with pollution, and the ecosystem is being disturbed by encroaching development. Much of the native landscape is very slow-growing. A 10 year old Saguaro Cactus might be only 1.5 inches tall! Because of this, it takes a very long time for this eco system to recover from disruption.

This photo is posted as part of the World Pulse Earth Photography Challenge. And now it's YOUR turn! This is an invitation to take part in this ‪#‎WORLDPULSE‬ Photography challenge through the WP Environment Group. Upload one photo each day for 7 days, with the title "Earth: Monthly Photography Challenge". It must be a photo that is original (not something you find online). Write a few words about the photo: e.g. geographic location. Share your new Environment Group post to Facebook and nominate a friend to visit the Group and share a photo too! Do you have a friend you just KNOW would love World Pulse? What a great way to get them involved!

Don't have access to a camera? No problem! Why not share a favorite quote about nature or the earth instead?

Remember, once per day for seven days, and nominate your friends to join!

#HerEarth #EarthDay

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Tamarack Verrall
Apr 09, 2016
Apr 09, 2016

Such majesty. Amazing information about this beautiful giant.