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About Me

A huge cornucopia of possibilities has fallen into my lap as I Listen to the women of the world through World Pulse! Born in Salem, Massachusetts, I spent my childhood in the New Hampshire countryside, experiencing sisterhood as the youngest of three daughters, each with our own dad-built tree house. I will forever treasure the particular magnificence of all-girl, tree-house, tea parties. Perhaps because my imagination and creativity were allowed to flourish throughout my young life, by early adulthood I realized I’d been put on this earth to follow my own path, rather than someone else’s. I then studied theater, classical ballet, music, writing and, more recently, the Art of Empowerment. From 1995-2008 I wrote, produced and directed family entertainment, coaching my students to find their own power by, ‘conquering,’ an audience. As a result of experiencing breast cancer, I created and performed a one-woman show, in order to provide information, humor, support and comfort to women with cancer. This led to keynote, motivational speaking. In 2005 I graduated from the Empowerment Institute and have since led numerous empowerment workshops for young women. My current works, both written and spoken, focus on leadership through empowerment. In 2012, having attended The New Seminary in New York City, I was ordained as an Interfaith minister in order to pursue both crisis and search & rescue ministry. During my seminary years I was a United Nations delegate to the Commission on the Status of Women, and I was also invited to apply for a mentorship with World Pulse. I believe I may have saved my own life, more than once, by clinging to my sense of humor. Having remained standing in the face of some very strong winds, I now consider it a privilege to guide others to empowerment. . . . and I believe that dogs -- and all animals -- are divine beings, sent to show us how to be more loving. Kindness, animals, the ocean, family, friends, empowering others, music, laughter and sugar are facets of my Heaven on earth. Practicing detached compassion is my challenge. Empowerment, Interfaith Ministry, Creative Writing, Humor, Animal Advocacy . . . these are some of my skills.

My Vision

A world where humans are kind to all living creatures including each other.


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