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About Me

How exciting to be in such company! My background is in leadership coaching and cross-cultural training. I've lived overseas for 11 years, in Germany, Argentina, Italy and Finland. I have seen the struggles and triumphs of many female leaders of all levels in the USA and abroad.

I have a Master's in Journalism and Mass Communication and conducted research as a Fulbright Grantee on the credibility of female war correspondents. Formerly an international volleyball player and men's athletic coach, I have a passion for cultivating excellence in others.

Looking forward to meeting all of you inspirational folks! Bridging communication gaps and helping people "stand tall" in their leadership roles. Keeping up with the abundance of resources out there on so many topics I want to delve into. Being mindful of creating boundries, slowing down, coming back to center and staying focused on what matters in life. Leadership coaching, intercultural communication, writing, mentoring, presenting, teaching (higher education), coaching (athletics)

My Vision

An equal playing field where all perspectives, ways of life and opinions are represented around the table.