Time walks so fast

Sarvina Kang
Posted June 9, 2012 from Cambodia

It is such a long long time I have lost from World Pulse since I came back from the United States for the World Pulse Live Tour last October 2011. Thus, the soul of World Pulse is always kept in my mind and heart since here the place to give me a new birth to become who I am for today. I am now coming back to home where all sisters across the globe are waiting to encourage, support, inspire and mentor me to be a bold lady.

I couldn't believe it is a year now for the Voices of Our Future Training - I know the final selection is so difficult to narrow down only 3, but you all are inspiring and amazing and let me say Congratulations to all 31 sisters for graduating and I am sure you guys will use what you have learned from World Pulse, The Voices of Our Future Training Program to spread out more in your community.

I am so excited and happy to know the three finalists who have been selected for the World Pulse Tour for this September 2012. I just wanted to say a big congratulation to Stella Paul from India, CongoLeezza from Democratic Republic of Congo and Hummingbird from Syria. I am sure you guys will gain more inspiring experience from this Tour.

I cannot wait to say thanks to World Pulse Team, mentors and midwives for working so hard to make it happened.


Sarvina from Cambodia

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Stella Paul
Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012

Dear Sarvina

Yes, time does travel fast! I can't even believe that its been six months already for me! It feels only yesterday that I was taking part in the contest, writing those posts. Ahhhh memories! Beautiful ones!

When we were waiting for the result to know who all would among the 30 women, you, Martha and Beatrice were touring the US. It was very inspiring to know of your tour, the way you met your mentors and you spoke to the audience in different places. You did very well and it did motivate us all.

I think this is the special character of World Pulse: it never stops to motivate a person. Also, I admire the way you have always been there, reading our stories, commenting and generally keeping in touch. That's another great thing about World Pulse: it always binds women.

So, thanks and I hope the three of us can live upto everyone's expectation. Love and hugs!

Jun 19, 2012
Jun 19, 2012

Dear Sarvina,

It has been a long time. You have done well. I am proud of you and keep at it. This is a good place to be. I am now putting more effort to be here and participate in the forum. To encourage your girls to do your best.

I enjoyed reading and commenting. It was exciting and very imformative too. Some were thought provoking and some touched deep in my heart.

All the best to you dear girl.

With love Amei