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Sarvina Kang
Posted July 31, 2012 from Cambodia

It has been a year for me a bit far from World Pusle since I have too many works need to be completed thus I have never left my second home World Pulse and still my heart and soul are always here, waiting to read everyone’s story. I am so excited and eager to hear from my three sisters this fall for speaking across the nation of America, that’s amazing and you will know how they are so inspiring to all of us. I am pretty sure that the audiences there are eager to see, hear their inspiring stories too!

Okay, I am now just happy to write a short background of mine as well as just in case for some sisters who are new on Pulse Wire and also what I am doing to make an impact in my country after the World Pulse Live. Yet, as Cambodia is rapidly developing, some rural areas, facing poverty, are still struggling with their population enrolling in schools, getting high education and lacking employment. Many children in the street begging for money are from very poor families. Most of them, from the rural areas of Cambodia are forced by their parents to leave school and work in the fields or as housemates.

I remember when I was a child, in secondary school, most of my classmates looked down at me and they didn’t even talk or listen to me but I always encouraged myself to be strong, stand firm and learn hard. The nightmare of my life was to lose a scholarship because my family was poor, they scorned me that poor people should sell vegetable or ask money from the rich in the market or on the road. All of these scorning words have been kept in my brain forever.


I have just graduated my Master Degree in the field of Development Studies from Norton University; my research report to fulfil of my Master Degree is Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Cambodia. I do love this course, for it will help me gain more skills for what I am doing and hoping for. I have learned how to communicate in multicultural environment. Beyond this, I have been working for First Investment Bank as an Accounting Officer and also volunteering for a few organizations. Yet, I haven’t started my own NGO and it always goes to people’s mind that why why I haven’t...and yes I can answer because I thought I am still low capacity how to start an NGO – it is seem another part of the river anyway I am so happy and excited to volunteer for other local or international organizations to bring a change to my country, especially too much benefit for many women and girls in Cambodia and also the world.

The current projects I am involving with are:

  1. It is still in my draft but it is hopefully finished soon. A new project for Soroptimist International Phnom Penh in SI PP’s University Education for Girls – this project is focused in helping the dedicated girls who really want to get higher education when they are not able to be offered a scholarship from the government due to low level of their grade which is related to the Whole Theme of Soroptimist International of Educate to Lead.

Also, we are still doing our Breast Cancer Awareness Project.

  1. Green School Project (Education in the Jungle), a project which is to support children and teenager in Cambodia. Our first project is to build a school in the middle of the jungle to teach 45 children which did not have the possibility to go to Public school. With our school, we want to offer them a chance and opportunity for education and and hence a better future for life. We really need more fund to finish the building before this October as the children will soon start class around September.

  2. BookBridge Learning Center – actually, it is the collaboration between One Young World and BookBridge Organization that they are going to open a learning center soon around this February 2013 and I have been asked from these both team to work and support them to run this learning center.

  3. BlogFest Event in South East Asia where will be held in Siem Reap, Cambodia this September – Initiated by Kounila Keo. (Everyone is welcomed to participate this event)

I do love all my work; it doesn't give me personal benefit but my family, community, country and the world.

My Vision and Dream:

Many poorer countries such as Cambodia suffer from an inadequate education system. This has the effect of keeping people poor, as without literacy and economically viable skills, they don’t have any way of improving their situation. In Cambodia, NGOs play quite a big role in helping to provide education for the children who are most in need, but education in the country overall still needs much more money being spent on it. Otherwise, Cambodia’s increasing number of young people will not be able to get the education and skills they need to contribute meaningfully to the economy.

I will be happy if I can see all these children of poor families, especially, girls have full and free access to education. I want girls to equally get education as I did. I am eager to learn more and raise awareness about the dangers we are facing and help develop my village and similar. Living in a dream is what encourages me working towards my goal. My dream is to set up an empowerment centre including internet with e-learning, micro-credit and learning centre.

Need and Suggestion

On behalf of the organizations I have been involving above, I am now raising money to help breast cancer patients, do awareness, sponsor girls to enrol university and also a school building for those 45 children in the rural area in Cambodia to have a chance to study, as well as the bookbridge center that you all can also donate your old book since we really need all the book for our people here in Cambodia to get more understand of English Language.

I am appreciated for any donation even small or big amount, it means so much for many children especially girls and women in Cambodia.

Kindly drop me a message through World Pulse and I will immediately respond back to you once I have reached the internet.

For more detail, please go to:


Thanks & Love,

Sarvina from Cambodia

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Jensine Larsen
Jul 31, 2012
Jul 31, 2012

Dearest Sarvina -

I am simply AMAZED at all you have accomplished since the World Pulse LIVE tour.

love what you said about, as a leader you feel it is better right now for you not so start your own nonprofit/NGO but to join forces with others and lend your voice there. That is a very wise decision you have come to using your own intuition. For some it makes sense to start NGO if nothing else like it exists, but for others, you can create even more change if you join with others. I heartily encourage anyone from the community to stay in touch with you and work alongside you to support your projects and create the change you know is possible in Cambodia.


Sarvina Kang
Aug 04, 2012
Aug 04, 2012

Dearest Jensine,

Many thanks for your inspiring comment! It is such always an encouragement to keep me go forward even I haven't started my own NGO but I know it is a right decision to donate my times to help others to achieve our common goal to help and empower Cambodian people to be able to get education, SME loan or etc..

Thus, a dream is always deeply kept in my heart and one day I will extend my work helping others bigger and bigger!

Again Jensine, I am so much happy to get your comment!

Send you lots of love,


Usha K.C.
Aug 02, 2012
Aug 02, 2012

You are an inspiration dear Sarvina.

keep going on.

Sarvina Kang
Aug 04, 2012
Aug 04, 2012

Many thanks to you Usha didi! You are also an inspiration who always makes me proud of!