Denim Day

Savannah Borders
Posted April 18, 2012 from United States
This week I am raising awareness about Denim Day, an annual event sponsored by the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Campaign and Peace of Violence. In Italy in 1998, a girl was raped by her driving instructor. However, the court rules that it was consensual because the jeans she was wearing were tight enough that she had to help him take them off. This instance is one of many that cause girls to think that their rape may have been their fault, because they might have been wearing makeup, or dressing promiscuously, or decided not to fight because they thought it would keep them alive. The truth of the matter is that there is no excuse for rape. This event, in which people wear denim on April 25th, helps to break the silence of sexual violence all over the world. I was approached by some girls in the grade below me. who have been talking about feminism in their girl's empowerment group this week. I was surprised to find out that some of them had a very negative view of what feminism was. I look forward to helping them in their "feminism awareness week", and hope that they will be inspired like I have been. I was sent a link to a blog last week, called The Secret Diary of a Dublin Call Girl. A former prostitute in Dublin writes about her endeavors and recovery from her brutal job. She talks about her interactions with the punters as well as her journey back to normalcy. Not to mention, she's absolutely brilliant and expresses her feelings incredibly clearly. Every girl should read this blog. Specifically, "Evaluating my worth" and "The pull back" spoke to me and made me reevaluate my actions and direction.

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