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Posted July 10, 2019 from India
I understood No body speak for me , I will speak for myself

Women from "Sonjhari"  community one of the tribe which is still missing from the government list. In spite of 72 years of independence these community is   refrained her from  all government  schemes and just left to live their life at their risk. The Leadership among women has raised hope for this community due to rising leadership among women through training. 

The leadership skills i learned from the CIP leadership training  helped in cultivating the leadership skills among women from this community and raise their voice. Today sonjhari women got organized and started speaking about her problems and demanding her human rights. On the eve of International women's day sonjhari community women collectively participated in the women's convention and shared about their situation and appealed for their constitutional rights. 

Today she understood  that -  No  body will speak for her  And She has to speak for herself. 

Lets know more about this community and support them to get access to their human rights. 


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Hello, Savitacip,

Congratulations on being a CIP Fellow! I love that Sonjhari women are now organized and are speaking up as a result of your leadership. This is really exciting!

Please keep us updated with your activities! Thank you for sharing!

Please try to check the Resources Page. There are a lot of opportunities for women in India!

Jill Langhus
Jul 13
Jul 13

Hi Savita,

Thanks for sharing your update. It's great that you're empowering these women and they're speaking out now...yay:-) Please keep up the good work, dear:-) I'm looking forward to seeing further updates from you and learning more about how you're impacting these women.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Beth Lacey
Jul 13
Jul 13

So happy these women are standing up for their rights.

Jul 15
Jul 15

And continue to fight on

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hello Savitacip,
Thank you so much for this update. Am so glad that the women are now using their own voices to speak out. Thank you for update and we hope to hear more of these stories of women standing up for themselves. Have a great day.

Anita Shrestha
Sep 16
Sep 16