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The joint campaign of Sayfty and Sex Abuse Chat via @SpeakOurStories has three components to the SpeakOurStories campaign. We will provide a safe online space on our website, for survivors of sexual assault to share their stories. We will create parallel events to showcase programs and campaigns focused on rehabilitation and empowerment of survivors of sexual assault and abuse. We want to empower the girls and reinstate them back to mainstream life so that they can continue their education. Girls drop out of school and stay at home unless their families marry them off. The survivors never regain their self-respect, dignity and are always economically challenged. Receiving justice is also a huge and challenging task. Unless they are able to complete their education, it is impossible that they can be economically independent. Such is the story of many other victims of sexual abuse and violence. We want to celebrate the success of campaigns that fight at removing social stigma and empowering these victims so that they can lead normal lives!

Who is being impacted by my initiative?

Survivors of sexual assault and abuse in rural and other areas of India.

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