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Posted January 11, 2021
Guruvarya Samman 2021

Such a superb start of Twenty Twenty Won (2021) with such a superb award... I  really feel  honoured and blessed to be given the award from   HETS,  Harvest The Nurturer, Guruvarya Samman 2021.

HETS is supporting to build a community of lifelong learners heading towards successful society.

I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart to Dr Aruna Wadkar Tai, and the team for this special honour.  #Trainer  #ashaysocialgroup  #awarenessandsustainablemenstruationsoptions #awards #HarvestTheNurturerGuruvaryaSamman2021#GuruvaryaSamman2021#गुरुवर्य_Samman_2021#rutucups#HarvestEducationalTransformationSolutions#Fun2Learn#EncouragementEduserve

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Nini Mappo
Jan 11
Jan 11

Hello Seema,
A hearty congratulations for this great honour of your achievement and consequent recognition. It truly is a great start to the year and I celebrate with you that your contribution has been recognised. Would you be able to share a little more about the award, the awarding body and its significance? I don't think it is very clear to readers. I hope that the rest of the year continues with a winning spirit!

Hello, Seema,

Congratulations to you! Wow, wow, wow! Well-deserved award, dear! We celebrate with you!

Jill Langhus
Jan 13
Jan 13

Hello, Seema, Dear,

How are you doing? Congrats on your well deserved award!! XX

Beth Lacey
Jan 13
Jan 13

Congratulations! This is wonderful