Silence Speaks

Posted August 11, 2016 from India


Based in Noida (U. P.) I am an entrepreneur by profession, graduated from Delhi University and Nift ( Delhi) pass out. Even though I was interested in writing from a very young age but hardly ever have thought to develop it into a profession except for the recent few years! I am enjoying it thoroughly, one of the reason is I relatively have a larger perspective in life which is become evident in recent years. I am trying to explore and share as much of life as of myself by this avenue!!


Silence- Speaks is a story of a woman who was born lucky, lucky to have had perused a career and proved her mettle despite many challenges from the beginning. Lucky because she was well accepted among her family, friends and colleagues and always came above average be it studies or sports. She had many admirers but she never tried to address or propagate to create mileage to reach her goals. Her straight cut approach was what kept her going and one of reason she was fascinating enough to attract more followers but the same straight cut approach made her pay hell out of life. She have had the best to pop up every now n then but she ended up meeting the worst out of miscommunication or misheard most of the time, more so for a high profile interest who only had a virtual existence as she believed but caused her more damage than reality could. There were endless stories travelling around but no one dared to share with her. Her quietness was taken as a weakness and tool against her, the reason she avoided a certain people to keep life simple was become a reason to complicate her life terribly. She was humiliated, trapped, assaulted badly after best of her early 25 years! The harvest period of her career after all the hardship and challenges was turned into drought so was her personal life as her highest expectations was squeezed to basics; and the safest choice she made for a life partner, who assured her to bring her out of the mess turned out to be a bigger mess. Over a time she was in the middle of everything be it jealousy, hate, betrayals, ruined career and finally she chooses herself……. she had no clue what was brewing against her and why so she prefer to take isolation and decides to find it herself, everything from the root cause. How and why it all started, transformed into made up stories, created ripples, spread across, multiplied hatred and whom did it benefit the most? She knew she is caught up badly between twisted facts conspired in advance so no one will believe her words so she waits for the time to get it clear, speaks for herself to claim back her life!


This story was submitted in response to The Voice of the People.

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