Sexual Violence in conflict

Segnou Carine Mbaye
Posted June 19, 2020 from Cameroon

On this international day for the elimination of sexual violence in conflict, I stand in solidarity with survivors. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 19 June of each year the Elimination of sexual violence in conflict inorder to raise awareness for the need to end conflict related sexual violence around the world and to pay tribute to those who courageously devoted their lives to and lost their lives standing up for the eradication of these crimes

Espacially here in the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon that has the Anglophone crisis, the rate of conflict related sexual violence is drastically rising with women, men, girls, boys being violated directly or indirectly raped, some turned to sex slaves to either of the conflicting parties, there is forced pregnancy,forced prostitution. statistics indicate that it is increasing  teenage pregnancies and indiscriminate abortions in the English speaking Regions of Cameroon

On this day we call on all the stakeholders to intervene in the way they can to ensure that these violations are at a minimal

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Jun 19
Jun 19

Thank you for sharing Sister.

Anita Shrestha
Jun 22
Jun 22

Thank you very much

Veronica Ngum Ndi
Jun 26
Jun 26

Dear Carine
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.As a Cameroonian woman I feel the same pain like you.Only God will see us through this sister
In Sisterhood.
Veronica Ngum