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About Me

My name name is Nantongo Sylvia Sekyanyo, a mother, wife and a CEO of Suubi Community Based Organisation which gives teenage mothers in the slums of Kampala trade skills in soap making, sewing, Urban Agriculture e.g Mushroom growing and parenting.
Teenage pregnancy in Uganda is increasing at a highest rate of over 25% being the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa (The 2014 Uganda population census). Furthermore, figures show that at least one in 10 girls is married off before they are 15 years-old. These girls willingly or unwillingly get pregnant and the rate is increasingly alarming. This has led to an increased number of school drop outs increasing the number of prostitutes as many of them lack the skills for employment.

My Vision

We believe in the promotion of women empowerment through gender mainstreaming,women participation, capacity building and skill training.


Suubi has a sewing school. We have trained 8 women to sew. We would like to seek partnership to train an additional 25 teenage mothers.


Am an expert in Early Childhood, Primary Education, Soap making, sewing skills,Women Empowerment and Community Leadership Development.


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