Posted September 9, 2020 from Pakistan

An eye witness:-

My friend loved him, and got court marriage, 

She informed her mother after 3 months ,she didnt knew that ,she was  pregnant ,

Daughter ,mom i got married ,

Mother what? 

Daughter ,

Yes mom these are court papers .

 Mother ,did you tell someone else? 

Daugher not yet 

Call your husband have to meet him . Daughter ,called her husband ,

Mother to son in law,listen son we are respected in our society so we have slected to REMARRIAGE  and you have to agree your parents , ASAP.

Son in law, ok mom i am going to agree my familiy.

Boy family demanded 50000 to give us than we will agree.

Son in law to mother in law: mom my parents gave me condition to get agree,they demanded 50000 pkr .

Mother to son in law: i am giving it to you .she paid him  and Re marriage date fixed. Remarraige  done.and husband wife shifted seprate home away from parents.

        6 MONTHS LATER,


Mother to her daughter,listen kids we are RESPECTED IN OUR SOCIETY ,SO WE CANNOT GET THIS CHILD WITH US .give him to any NGO HOME. We can't keep him with us .

Husband wife didn't refuse ,

There was a friend of  her husband ,

 He said this child is not an illegal, we are witness of this court marriage, why you are giving him to NGO ,

I want to keep him with me .and i will do my best to grow this child.

Everyone agreed. He took 2days  old baby boy with him .he got married .boy took place .

Husband started drugs ,wife shifted back near to her family .

   10 years later

Husband wife breakup.

Husband was jobless and now he got homeless. Living on footpath. 

Due to prolonged drugs he got so weak, and one day he got overdose of narcotic drug and he died at age 35yrs.

Wife, joined parents home ,and that child is 12years OLD .MASHA ALLAH.

Love is not solution of any thing , and RESPECT is not more important than human. Every human has right to live his life with own parents .

That child don't know his father is no more with us. No one has right displace any child .















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Nini Mappo
Sep 09, 2020
Sep 09, 2020

Hello again,
How sad that fear of people, nicely disguised as respectability took away the parents' freedom to stand with and support their daughter. It is so sad how everything turned out because of lack of support, because of being forced to comply to certain standards just to protect public image.
I feel for that mother required to give up her child.
I grief for that child who might have had a safe family were it not for fear of people
I grief for his father, how his dreams and his very life were denied him
And for their young love that got snuffed out before it could blossom, because of fear of what people might say. So, MUCH, lost.

It is a sad situation indeed.

Sep 09, 2020
Sep 09, 2020

Exactly true .
All it happend just because of what people wi say .....

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Sep 09, 2020
Sep 09, 2020

Hello, dear Shaguftabhutto,

This is such an intriguing and sad story. Did this happen to you or someone you know? I wonder why it is necessary for the couple to give away their son to an NGO when they are married? Can you please enlighten me with this kind of "cultural respect"? Do they prefer to have a daughter?

Thank you for telling this story.

Sep 10, 2020
Sep 10, 2020

Nothing like that in cultrue .it happend because of society level and respect matter about how people will think and how can we justify.
Because they hidden court marriage part.they just showed thier community hall marriage. That caused the punishment paid by child in age of 2 days .alhamdulellah that son is with me .now at 12 yrs age.