Difficalt to tolerate facemask for age 60-80 years old peoles.

Posted September 9, 2020 from Pakistan

An observation 

Around 150 patients came in Hospital wearing face mask .in age between 60-80 years .

Complain was shortness of breath .

Headech .

Vitals tachycardia 

And O2 saturation between 89%-94% observed with mask.

Adviced Oxygenation. 

Xray clear .

Cause of headech fond 

Muscles weakness. 

Unabled to maintain oxygen saturation .

Artirial blood gasses shows PO2 65-74%

Pco2 level 40%-50%.


For age 60-80 years old .should give envoirment without mask .

Let them in different areas away from populated area .

Healthcare providers should be in age 25-35 years with complete personal protective kits.

Make seprate all institute of all ages .as 1-12 yrs old children hospital 


31-50years midle age hospitals 

51-80years should make seprate hospitals .to prevent infections .

Communicalbe disease .

Seprate all specialties of all diseases

And stop General hospital  systems where we see all types of diseases .

I think this is only way to secure world from life threatening diseases and spread of viral chain .

Appoint nurses in schools collages and university for prevention awareness from virus and bacterial infections and all types of hygiene.

In all educational institutes Every morning 30-45 minuts classes should be under sunshine.

To rase immunization. 







This story was submitted in response to Black Lives Matter.

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Nini Mappo
Sep 09, 2020
Sep 09, 2020

There are many medical terms I could not understand here. But all the same, health care workers between 25-35 would not serve the healthcare system well as this age bracket includes young families who may not manage a full time work load, older healthcare workers have more expertise/experience, and 35 it too early to retire anyway. Unless your proposition for this age is to attend to older patients. But given the complexities of ill health that often comes with old age, this cohort still needs older, experienced healthcare workers.

Different hospitals for different age groups might not work either. I know there are specialised hospitals for children and women, but they serve all ages. Because the kind of personnel to run age specific hospitals is too great for any economy to sustain.

Practising hygiene, health education and improved immunity however, are all key to fighting diseases, both communicable and incommunicable.
But I hope that the 60-80-year-olds were well looked after. Even I am not 60, but if I push the pram with a mask on I experience shortness of breath and have to push the mask down. I am not asthmatic. So who knows, maybe age has nothing to do with it.