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Shahd Majeed
Posted December 22, 2015 from United States

Good Afternoon Leaders,

My name is Shahd, I am a world pulse member since 2013. I started as a voice of our future community corrospondant for Iraq, and today I am ready for more world pulse fun!

I am originally Iraqi, I moved and was relocating frequently over the last 10 years. My last stop was in the U.S. about two years ago. I hope its a long term move!

The reason why I joined this group is simply because I believe women deserve to be involved in every field and provde competency. I also believe that opportunities are out there for us, we just need to learn to seize them. I have faced multiple challenges proving my capabilities in certain areas, and I believe I can assist women by sharing my personal expeinces. I am an IT major, and I recently earned my MBA, which has been a struggle to acheive after relocating, however, I realized how empowering it can be part of a world, too many people thought to be male dominant.

please feel free to connect with me or message me, I hope you ladies have great holidays.



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Raquel Daniel
Dec 25, 2015
Dec 25, 2015

Hi Shahd,

It is great to meet you. Happy Holiday to you too all the way from Nigeria. I totally agree with you that women need to be invloved in every field. That is one of the things I teach the teenage girls that I work with. It is hard especially when they feel "it is a male dominated field" but worth it if they can just try.

I look forward to reading more from you.

Enjoy the holiday!!

Dec 25, 2015
Dec 25, 2015

Dear Shahd,

Welcome back dear sister, I still remember reading your posts in VOF2013, I am glad that you joined our group, and congratulations for your MBA.

I am waiting to read your posts agains on WP, and learn more about your experience in Tech and Innovation field. 


Jan 04, 2016
Jan 04, 2016

It's great how World Pulse can bring us all here together - women of similar interests, share similar fears and challenges. Together we can all join forces to make a difference.

Congratulations Shahd on your MBA - that is a great achievement and motivation for many others who will read your story.

May we continue to share and encourage and make 2016 be even more successful for all of us.