Job search Series part VI

Shahd Majeed
Posted May 26, 2016 from United States

Some say, where you were born and raised is where you find your identity. I say, your identity I what you do. What we do in life is what identify us as people. You may be born and raised somewhere but life can take you to a totally new place where you have to reborn and re-nurture. You may begin to rethink of what you learned and re-organize your thoughts in a way that matches your current lifestyle. You may not change your principles, but you will helplessly find yourself altering your behavior or attitude toward life events. You may not change your values, but you may change your acceptance and coexistence.

The reason why I relate identity to what you do is because we should identify ourselves by the size of effects on earth. If you are a teacher, the number of students that graduate with information that change their lives because you delivered that information is what matters! If you are a farmer, the number of families that eat good local food is what matters. If you are a nurse, the number or traumatic patients that survive every night you work your shift is what matters. It is not when you are ID says you are an American, British, Middle Eastern is when you matter. It’s what you give to this earth!

If you want to get a job, look for one that fits your personality. Some job where you find yourself enjoy giving. Do not lock yourself behind the computer screen getting tasks done just because you want to be employed. Employment status is crucial. I understand sometimes you just have to pay the bills, but don’t accept to be part of something you don’t feel you belong to for too long. It should all start right at the minuet you consider looking for employment. Knowing where you put your application for employment, can save you the trouble of accepting any job and be stuck with it.

In previous posts we talked about things you need to do after you apply for work. Today, I wanted to go over what you need to learn after you were selected for an interview. Say that you received a call and you were invited for an interview. Remember, that one call is an initial interview, it is the first impression, so make sure you sound professional, go to a quiet room to talk and don’t take the call if it was a bad time. If you were expecting a call for an interview, do not take calls when you are outside shopping, or in a noisy environment. Let the call go to voice mail. It is ok! If you are in a country where voice mail is not an option by the phone providers, make sure you have an email address or skype ID listed on your resume so they find other ways to reach you.

Once you all are on that call, recruiters or potentials employers will ask you questions, such as are you currently working? Make sure to say yes if you are. True, it may narrow down your chances if you are currently committed to another work, but it is always a good idea to be honest. If you decided to hide and your resume stated, you are currently employed. The employer will either think you are lying, which you do NOT want. Or, the recruiter will think you sent over an outdated resume, which you also want to avoid. Not updating your resume is a sign that you were throwing resumes here and there without setting up a goal for your career objectives. Another question that can be asked is if you have salary expectations. Do not give salary expectations. listen to what they have to offer. Don’t ask them what they are offering, simply say “I am currently looking, I have enough experience, but I would like to learn more about the job and meet with you face to face”.

When you avoid talking about money, it gives your recruiter or employer an impression that it’s not just about the money. It is about you and what you want to do in life. Stay humble!

Once they set you up for an interview, do me a favor…sound excited! Employers don’t want to feel like you are doing them a favor filling their position. They need someone who is motivated, love to work, and open to new opportunities. Say something like “Sure, I would love to interview with you guys, I am so glad you called me”.

When you go for an interview, make sure you are at least 10 minutes early. Do not show up too early either. Dress up professionally. That does not imply you need to buy a suit for that one interview. We’re broke most of the time before we get a job, so it is not economic to shop for clothes before the interview. What I really mean by professionally is go with a business casual outfit. Meaning, avoid tank tops, flip flops, jeans, sweat pants/shirts, or shorts. Make sure you look polished and clean. Do not say they should not judge by the look. Yes, they should when it comes to hygiene. You don’t need to appear with name brands on, just look neat!

Once you are close to go in the interview room, turn off your phone. Do not change it to vibrate mode, switch it off. Vibrating is distracting too. Shake hands with your potential employer. Do not sit there crossing legs. Do not start talking before they ask you. For some positions, especially for big companies, interviews are conducted by multiple people. So, you go to the interview expecting to meet with that one person who called you, but you end up meeting five other people! It can be very intimidating.

Here is what you need to do. Stay calm! Draw a smile, shake hands and once they introduce themselves, say their names after them so you remember them afterward. How can you do that. Think about this scenario:

Interviewer: Hi Alex, my name is James. I am the HR manager here

Alex: Hi James, pleasure to meet with you.

Simply say their name again so you remember. Another way is by asking them for their business cards. Usually, they do leave them for you, but if they did not, make sure you ask them.

The reason why I think it is important to remember their names is that first, it gives a good impression about you using their names. It means you are paying attention. Second, in some occasions they make you go through multiple interviews. When they call you for a second one, they will most like say something like “our marketing manager would like to meet with you”. If you remember the name or at least have the business card, you won’t have to ask about his name or who he is. In addition, you will at least remember how this manager was like and help you better prepare.

Another tip that can help you in group interviews. If you feel intimidated or they are asking too many questions, answer the questions slowly. Do not wrap up the answer and give them more time to ask more questions. Answer the questions with as many details are possible. Sound relaxed! The reason being, they have a time set up for this. If they don’t get done on time, they will be delayed to either other interviews or to their work. Give them enough information to help them determine you are a qualified candidate.

Okay, so I was told to keep my writing short. I don’t want you to be bored reading such a long post. I will continue this in another piece. I hope you found this at least a good read.

Stay safe everybody

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May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016

Thank you so much for sharing your educating and insightful post.