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Shaista Langari
Posted December 7, 2016
Professional Skills training for Young Female Journalists

I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1992 where there was Mujahedeen’s regime. My Family moved to Mazar e Sharif and Pakistan for education.

I was graduated from Psychology Faculty of Kabul University in 2014. I have worked in many educational and psycho social programs for women and children. Currently, I am working as project manager of women’s Job fair. Beside my professional career, I am painting and writing inspirational stories. The situation in the world today, where true love, feelings, honesty and humanity are at risk of becoming extinct, drives me to mix colors on canvas. I express the world’s tragedies in a calm and peaceful way and am reminded that there is still hope to live, to love and to dream.

After collapse of Taliban regime in 2001 in Afghanistan, many positive changes have been seen since 2001 in many fields such as, economy, media, women capacity building, girl’s education, establishment of many NGOs for human rights protection, peace building. The biggest alteration that influenced my life is education and women empowerment.

The position of women in Afghanistan has begun to improve since Taliban were driven out of power. However, now we see lots of huge changes in women empowerment in many projects by NGOs.

Despite the advance, violence against women is still a problem. Unfortunately, the situation of Afghanistan is getting worse every day and some provinces are under control of Taliban. Nowadays, unemployment is another major challenges. Therefore, women should be empowered against these challenges. Women should have leadership skills to bring changes in community. Living in Afghanistan is hard but my family always supports me and brings hope in my life. I would like to learn and improve my leasership skills in order to bring changes to my community through my art and stories.



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