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Shameela Yoosuf Ali
Posted October 3, 2020 from United Kingdom
FemAsia Mag
We Embrace Diversity

We are gearing up for the October issue of FemAsia Magazine. We have received a fabulous array of work from around the world.

At FemAsia we always embrace diversity and alternative narratives.

Thank you for being with us, throughout our journey.

As the Editor-In-Chief, I have a small request. If you like FemAsiaPlease take a few minutes to like our page and leave a review. This will support us to reach more people and empower more women.

Thank you!

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Dawn Arteaga
Oct 03
Oct 03

Great work Shameela! Will be sure to check out your social media pages!

Jill Langhus
Oct 05
Oct 05

Hi Shameela,

How are you holding up over there. I left a short review. I hope it's fine:-) XX