Initiative Update

Every Healthy Tree Was A Seed Once

Shameela Yoosuf Ali
Posted January 9, 2021 from United Kingdom


As the year 2020 closed and new year- 2021 bloomed FemAsia Magazine also evolving into something new. Once we were a tiny seed thrown into the wilderness of unknown weeds and bushes.

We did not have much, but passion and commitment in enormous amounts. We all struggle with the question of personal meaning throughout our lives.  My answer to that question is to empower and inspire women

Suddenly FemAsia Magazine became real. It is a Digital Space For Women To Empower, Inspire And Impact The world. I often look back at the long road from where it all started. It was just a tiny seed pregnant with an extraordinary dream- the dream to grow into a tree and then a forest,  and millions of things in between. Every healthy tree was a seed once which refuse to give up on its dream to flourish.

Here, we are with a new editorial team and a new set of writers and contributors stepping into the year 2021. We are always on the lookout for people who share our values and mission of empowering women.

Join us. 

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Susu Mohamed
Jan 10
Jan 10

Dear Shameela,
thank you for sharing to this very truly yes all women need encouragement and more doing struggle to get more value women .
Appreciate for sharing Us.

Nini Mappo
Jan 10
Jan 10

Dear Shameela,
The analogy of growth from a tiny seed to a tree to a forest that is in reality a habitat of so many species is powerful. Kudos for this incredible investment return!

Adriana Greenblatt
Jan 10
Jan 10

Thank you for this share, I love this image of a seed sprouting and blooming in unexpected ways! I am so excited to learn and read about FemAsia, it rocks! I saw a few articles that already resonate deeply - on personal struggles being political was one I just read, wow! Thank you for sharing your inspiration and sprouting this into the world, and sharing here so I can learn of you and what you are doing. It is great to connect with you and cannot wait to hear more updates.

Cheers from Montreal!

Hello, Shameela,

Congratulations on your growth of FemAsia. I am so happy my contribution will be published soon, but I want to honor FemAsia by writing an original article. Will find some time to work on it and submit it. Thank you for lifting up women's voices through FemAsia. Blessings to you and your new editorial team, writers, and contributors! Please keep it up!