Be Undefinable

Shameela Yoosuf Ali
Posted October 31, 2021 from United Kingdom

I worked in several media throughout the years in Sri Lanka and the UK, but I could not express what I really felt. I wanted something different. I wanted women to be able to tell their real, authentic stories to the world. I wanted a platform where one can be real, creative and express what they really feel. I was tired of people telling me what I should write and what I should not.

Academically, I have completed a masters in masscom and journalism, and also I have three gold medals for Journalism studies from the University of Colombo.

And most importantly, I had the passion burning within me for serving humanity through writing.

That is how I found an online Magazine for Women FemAsia in 2018. Today have touched and inspired more than 35000 women across the globe.

Do not let societal norms and cultures decide who you are!

You are Undefinable...

You can rise against all the odds.

This painting of mine reflects that.

This story was submitted in response to Healing through Art.

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Nov 01
Nov 01

Thank you for these inspiring words Shameela.

Beth Lacey
Nov 04
Nov 04

You are leaving a tremendously positive mark on the world. 35,000 women- fantastic!

Grace Iliya
Nov 15
Nov 15

Thank you again Shameela keep doing this great work. Very inspiring