Vidya Do Forgive Us

Shameela Yoosuf Ali
Posted June 10, 2021 from United Kingdom


Whilst we were gliding in the ferries of dreams

You were abducted.

We were sipping our evening tea relishing each drop leisurely,

Your hands were tied behind your back!


We were admiring the high-heeled shoes

Through the glass frames of the shops across the street,

You were ripped and destroyed!

We returned home and cuddled our children

You were ripped and destroyed once again!!


A banter with friends over the phone long and lengthy

You were ripped and destroyed once more!!!

We got into the bath for a warm and soothing shower

You were slain heartlessly!


I will not call those eight cowards as beasts,

Beasts are compassionate beings,

Full of feelings of empathy.

Would I call them Monsters, Never.

I have read about kind-hearted monsters in ‘Chanda Mama’ stories.


Your mind and body might have borne an epoch of agony

Hoarded anguish of your eighteen years in this world.

You might have cursed the world that could not save you.

We have no strength to listen to your words.

Whatever you wanted to say for the last.


I absorb not, I know not,

How a mind becomes a brutal killing field

After it was cradled in a womb of a mother

And grew up sucking her milk.

No wonder.

A world where a woman is skimmed as a bundle of flesh

Not as a soul nor as a fellow human being

No wonder Her existence is precarious.

From a budding three-year-old child

To a withered woman lapsed seventy

No wonder Her existence is precarious.


August 11th, 2016 By Shameela Yoosuf Ali

On the Memory of Vidya Shivaloganadan from Punguduthivu, Jaffna, Sri Lanka, who was gang-raped and killed on the 13th of May 2015 The original poem was written in Tamil and translated into English by the author.

Published Still We Sing. Voices on Violence against Women (Anthology), Edited by Sarita Janmani

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Tamarack Verrall
Jun 10
Jun 10

Shamila dear Sister,
Yes, this is what we do, this is why we continue each day, remembering each woman and girl that we learn has been brutalized. We carry her story, we turn it into action, we celebrate that we have found like hearted sisters here, we continue to hold in our hearts all these women and girls. Thank you for this call out of love, this call out of what is happening. What powerful poetry. How good that it documented in this book.
Sister Love,

Shameela Yoosuf Ali
Jun 11
Jun 11

Thank you, Tam, for your words. Let us raise our voice on behalf of the 'silenced.'

Jun 13
Jun 13

These victims will live forever through our words and in our hearts. The best thing that we can do for them is to ensure that there is an end to this evil in our society.
Thank you very much for sharing.

Susu Mohamed
Jun 14
Jun 14

Dear Shameela,
How are you doing
young girls are abusing in every where in here somalia happened last case 2 June this month. 10-year daughter after separation of her mother and father Asha was raised by her mother. it was 12: afternoon when she comes back to the school Asha disappeared on May 30 when she lost around two days Asha mother said something smells bad in my house and informed her big daughter to clean the house and check. Bad smells thing they founded Asha Killed and raped sealed in a large saucepan put us under a bed. Now the somali Police are doing investigation to that case.

Jun 16
Jun 16

merci pour le partage est désolé pour cette maltraitance

Urvashi Shivdasani
Jun 16
Jun 16

Never forget, injustice against one woman is injustice against all. Thanks for keeping this memory alive and reminding us to stand by each other.

Anum Shakeel
Jun 18
Jun 18

It's so painful to read about these stories. What measures can be taken by the Governments, Any suggestions?

Beth Lacey
Jul 07
Jul 07

Such a tragic story. People, especially man, must stand up against this