Rise up

Shannon Lockhart-Roberts
Posted September 28, 2020 from United States

Rise above the hurt, rise above the pain rise above everyone that has ever thrown dirt on my name. I will lead overs to freedom, to peace and serenity. I will lead overs to find their God given identity. No more fear or running from who I am even if my back is against the wall I’ll continue to stand. Despite the reluctance despite what others may think I just know for a fact that I am on the brink- on the brink of a breakthrough on the brink of birthing something great. I know it has to happen because it’s my fate. I may fall but I will not break I may stumble but I will not faint. Regardless of the trials I will see this thing through until the end one day I’ll no longer be a borrower but I’ll be able to lend- lend a helping hand to those in need a helping hand to those who hearts has desperate pleas I can hear the heart cries of woman everywhere trying to carry these burdens that are too heavy to bear. I’ll pick you up because I’ve been there I’ll stop to help you because I truly care... I want you to live life abundantly -healed and free from pain. I see you there standing all alone in the ice cold pouring  rain... I’ll bring you an umbrella and a rain coat too anything to keep you from the cold it’s what I have to do. It saddens me to write this cuz I know your heart bleeds... but just release it and allow God to take the lead. You can’t carry it anymore so let me take you to the Masters hand.... at last you’ll feel free and with you I’ll stand...

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More power to you

Thank you Kriti! ❤️

Dawn Arteaga
Sep 28
Sep 28

Yes so well said. Standing with you.

Thank you Dawn! ❤️

Nini Mappo
Sep 29
Sep 29

Hello Shannon,
Thank you for writing this for all of us, to name our struggles, fears, and need for nurture and care. And to name that we can always summon hope in the midst of the struggles, through our faith in God, and through a caring community. Those seem to be the only things left to hold on to, to sail us through Covid uncertainties as nothing is guaranteed anymore.
Thank you too, for being the bearer of the umbrella, to relieve others from pain, from suffering in loneliness, from feeling exposed and vulnerable. All the women whose life you touch are truly blessed.
Stay anchored in the love of God, so that you will always have enough love to give.
With love :)

Hi Nini!
Thank you so much for your kind words; they warmed my heart ❤️ ☺️