shannon singo
Posted September 22, 2021 from South Africa

To be treated as a human is all we ask for , to be seen as a person is all we want, to be respected is all we're fighting for. Respect is something every woman fights for, but why do we have to fight for something that should be a human right. If men can be born with this respect why do we as women have to fight for it? 

Even when I was young I could never understand why there where so many restrictions around me, but not as many around my brothers, why did I have  make certain choices in order to be a good girl , why did I have to follow certain rules in order to be "woman enough" , why do we live certain ways in order to be considered a great woman by society?

Who makes these rules? why do we have to abide by them? why can't we make our own way, own decision why cant we pave our own path without society telling us what is right or wrong, without guidelines of "how to be accepted by society".

There are so many restrictions on women and I don't understand why? when boys do things were not used to we often say "boys will be boys" why cant the same thing apply to girls , why cant girls be girls too? 

But then as women how do we achieve this goal , how do we empower each other to respect ourselves enough to  not let our lives be ruled by unwritten society rules, how do we do that? 

If we're telling the truth , it doesn't matter where you're from, whether you're from Africa, Asia, North America or Space as long as you're a woman you have to fight for respect , your identity, your worth yet somehow you can never be enough.

But we are, we are enough as long as we know and understand that we can only hope that as time goes society will see us as humans too , that society will see us as well.

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Sep 22
Sep 22

Thank you, Shannon, for this wonderful reminder that we are, indeed, enough!! #GirlPower #YesWeCan

Sep 24
Sep 24

You nail the point, Shannon! Women are human too! We need a very good life. We need to make them realized that we are the pioneers of a nation.

Thanks so much for that little pieces.

Sep 24
Sep 24

Hi Shannon and thank you for your story. The struggle for women is real and ongoing and so exhausting! There are unspoken "invisible" rules in households, churches, workplaces, even car parks (OMW) that go against everything that a woman stands for. It's so sad that "they" don't see that we are already enough. Take care and much love to you.

Sep 25
Sep 25

Yes...we are human. All of this resonates with me. Thank you for writing and sharing these thoughts!

Marie Abanga
Oct 10
Oct 10

Dear Sis,

Aieeeeeee would those poignant questions be answered in this our generation? oh why why why? Since from the time of the epic anthem "I AM WOMAN" in 1970s by the trailblaizer Helen Reddy, we still have so much explanations and justifications and fights to do just to prove we are Human too and actually are the mothers of all of humanity.
Let's keep writing and singing and marching and fighting, and one day oh that one day...