It's #PinkOctober campaign month.

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls
Posted October 1, 2021 from Fiji
My Mother, My Mentor
My Mother, My Mentor : Rachel Bhagwan (1/1)

I'm always grateful for this campaign.

It was why in 2010 I eventually had a medical check that led to the biopsy and confirmed diagnosis and my first mastectomy.

By December 2011 I had completed my chemotherapy and radiation. In 2013 I had an elective mastectomy. 

In May 2014 my mum Rachel Bhagwan started her journey with chemotherapy. 

Mum was not as lucky as me as her cancer mestastized and but as she would say "we shall fight a good fight...regardless of the challenges laid before us including breast cancer"

So this #PinkOctober I hope you can afford to a mammogram - take your mum, take your daughter. Yes I'm making a point about access and affordability!

It starts with a single step.  For me it was just saying to a friend and my daughter and letting my family know I was going to get the small lump checked out. 

Fear of any medical test is normal - fear of affordability of treatment is also normal but as I learnt taking that first step for detection is critical.

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Oct 01
Oct 01

Dear Sharon,
Thank you for spreading the word throughout the world for sisters to have a mammogram. Yes it is the checkup that is fearful, but must be done. And kudos to you sister for being proactive and taking charge of your life. You were proactive instead of just reactive. It's a very big deal. So congratulations to you on celebrating another #PinkOctober! Bravo and many pink blessings.

Oct 03
Oct 03

Hi Sharon
Congrats to you for your accomplishments. Thank you for this very important reminder that we so often overlook. It starts with a "single step" as you so clearly expressed. Early detection is indeed critical. Thanks for the pic - I love the pink lipstick too!

Much love.

Dawn Arteaga
Oct 03
Oct 03

Thank you Sharon for this important message. So sorry for the loss of your mom. Sending you love!

Urvashi Shivdasani
Oct 04
Oct 04

Good reminder and glad that you are well.

Oct 06
Oct 06

Dear Sharon,
Glad to hear your story. Most of the time the fear of getting a negative diagnosis is why many women fail to take the test. Truth is that early detection will help safe lives. Bravo for being proactive. So sorry about your mum. Congrats on this #PinkOctober
Much Love