1325+21 - What do we need ?

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls
Posted October 26, 2021 from Fiji

With the 21st anniversary of #UNSCR1325 days away it's time to revise the narrative - from adequate financing to feminist funding and from meaningful participation to "redesigning the table" for the diversity of women in peacebuilding to be at the table.


More quality #financial support to regional and national efforts is needed to ensure that women are leading in #peacebuilding and conflict prevention efforts in their communities.

We need greater #investment in #feminist funding models that ensure resources and support reach #womenpeacebuilders to deliberate, design and deliver what their community needs -

Let's #shiftthepower to well resourced local action driving a peace-development-humanitarian nexus

#WPSin2021 #UNSCR1325#WPSinHumanitarianAction... #2021moments of a #tauruswoman

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Jill Langhus
Oct 27
Oct 27

Hi Sharon,

How are you? Well said! Thanks for sharing:-)

Oct 29
Oct 29

Hi Sharon
Thank you for raising awareness on supporting women in leadership.